MetaDoge Listed on ZT & BKEX Exchanges; 1500 NFTs Sold Out

MetaDoge Listed on ZT & BKEX Exchanges; 1500 NFTs Sold Out


London, United Kingdom – January 6, 2022 – MetaDoge has been listed on the ZT and BKEX exchanges; also trading has started to create a high-reward system integrated with the latest technologies of the MetaVerse and cryptocurrency. MetaDoge lets members explore the metaverse. There were 1500 NFTs available for minting in Season 1 and all were sold out, as the total market cap crossed $10 Million. On the platform, users can also stake NFTs, mint new NFTs, and interact with the metaverse in different ways.

Merging Meme Coins and Metaverse

The metaverse enables members to engage with the digital world in a new way, and MetaDoge is setting an example by merging the same with meme coins. The platform that will see an increase in the final value of the meme coins associated with the MetaDoge platform is available on Binance Smart Chain.

In the future, it will get listed on Ethereum Network and a bridge between the two blockchains on which MetaDoge will be built, will improve the way members interact while increasing their rewards from trading. The platform is verified and has received the CERTIK audit authentication and has seen an impressive performance in the crypto ecosystem.

NFT Staking and Minting

The members can mint NFTs on MetaDoge via their dedicated dApp that also allows shopping and staking NFTs. There are five levels of NFTs, each with a unique return rate, drop chance, and APY. These are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

The platform has impressed more than 12000 members who have staked 95% of owned NFTs, further raising the value of the platform and the native meme coin. With every NFT sold out in Season 1, Season 2 is coming soon.

MetaDoge Tokenomics

MetaDoge has 1 trillion token supply, and 60% is in circulating supply. At its launch, 40% of the tokens were already burned. 41% of the total supply is also allocated to PanCakeSwap, and 7% of the supply is further kept aside for NFT staking rewards. 1% of the supply was sold in pre-supply, and 4% is sidelined for giveaways.

About MetaDoge

MetaDoge is an end-to-end metaverse-oriented platform with high-reward generation tokenomics and systems. Users can interact with the meta world in different ways. The members can easily create their unique avatars and engage with a digital world. After the successful launch of season 1 of NFTs, users will engage with season 2 in the future along with the Metaverse P2E game.

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