NFT History | Launch of the First Private Sale and Fundraising Campaign for New NFT Platform

NFT History | Launch of the First Private Sale and Fundraising Campaign for New NFT Platform

NFT History

Did you know that Jack Dorsey made an NFT of the first tweet on Twitter, and that tweet went for $2.9 million? Now here’s a revolutionary project called NFT History that allows you to do almost the same with a little difference. With NFT History, you can acquire and exclusively own dates in the form of an NFT, represented by a photo chosen by you and you have the opportunity to create whole life stories made from tailored NFTs. 

NFT History’s beta marketplace is already available and the team has now opened its early token sale rounds for investors that gives the opportunity to join at an early stage and earn rewards. NFT History is going to be the world’s first marketplace to allow the transfer of ownership of dates and the first Metaverse Library where users can virtually find every historic event. 

Everyday, we are seeing new NFT projects germinating and ready to be nurtured and built into an incredible platform. But with NFT History, it’s not about utilizing existing NFT use cases, but creating a new one. The community will experience a new use case of Non-Fungible tokens.

Buying Dates is Akin to Starting a New Journey

Now the phrase “Save the Date” has got a new meaning with the NFT History’s exclusive feature that allows users to digitize a date they hold close and make it a permanent memory on the blockchain. Since it’s on the blockchain, no one can mutate or stake a claim from the owner of that particular date. 

NFT History allows the users to buy a date with HSY tokens and then customize it to build an NFT, complete its own address and ownership rights. There is a wide range of people and organizations that NFT History can potentially reach. Not only individuals can collect personal memories, or historians build a calendar of historic events, but organizations, sports clubs, athletes, enterprises can acquire dates that have value for them or their millions of fans.   

Seal the Date with an Innovative Mechanism

The users can buy a date with HSY tokens which will work as the native token on the platform. Once a user has bought the tokens, they can visit the marketplace and choose the date they wish to buy and digitize. As soon as the person places the bid, an auction round will start, which will run for 24 hours. The users need to put down at least 10 HSY tokens to buy a date. After the auction round, the user can become the sole owner of the date and then customize it to add their picture and build an NFT that they can then sell for a higher price. They can hold and stake the NFTs and wait for the price to increase before selling it for a profit. The users can also buy packages of dates allowing them to buy several dates in a single transaction. The package system is not available now, but it will be in the future; the three package deals are Thematic, Tailored, and General. 

The beta marketplace is ready to be launched, and by the metaverse embedding, the principles of the digital ecosystem will be ready by the second quarter of 2022. 

Token Distribution of HSY

Being the native token of NFT History, the HSY token will be used as the primary medium of exchange. 31% of the total token supply, which is 1 billion, will go for token sale. 5% tokens are kept aside for liquidity, and 12% are kept reserved in the treasury. 

35% are directed towards marketing and community incentives while12%is sent to the development team. Lastly, 5% of the HSY tokens are kept to be given to advisors and partners. Also, 25% of the tokens in the treasury will be burned every month. 

The advisors and investors can play a more important role in the platform as they can promote and market the platform. This will ultimately benefit the investors and advisors and only as they will get better returns with higher market adoption. 

The NFT History community can also stake the tokens and will be rewarded from the treasury. 50% of the treasury balance will be used to reward the stakers from the 2 million HST token balance that will be sent on the token generation event. 

About NFT History

NFT History brings a novel use case for the community and better opportunities for them to build a more engaging and rewarding platform. The members and users can raise requests to buy dates and embed their historic moments in them to cement their memories and important events. The users can then sell those date-oriented NFTs. 

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