Moving To A Decentralized Future

Moving To A Decentralized Future



Traditional financial institutions are having a hard time these days as blockchain projects are introducing new platforms that promise to deliver your money without any bureaucracy and with much lower expense. It is good but also tricky and as usual the negative aspect of this is highlighted much more than the positive. Although meanwhile – as we say, the train is still moving and things still happen even if we or governments resist.

Masternodes and its purpose

Masternodes have been getting a lot of attention lately. Many of these are created just for the sake of it and to generate quick cash. But there are some projects that are trying to bring something more to it. One of such project is AceD which we came across recently and I want to dive a little deeper into it.

Competition is tough as there are thousands of different companies with masternodes or just mining. That also includes scam projects and not successful ones. How to understand the right ones or which ones will have value after 1 or more years? First of all, take a look into the project’s aim – is it more than just an altcoin, is there something innovative, something that solves your problem or problems? If yes – then that is the first sign project might be creating something unique and innovative.

“New project in town”

Project AceD was introduced first to the public in the second quarter of 2018. Their main target, as they mention in their Whitepaper, “other than most cryptocurrencies that just provide anonymity, AceD plans on developing a privacy-orientated platform where the possibilities are endless. And not to mention these implementations can be voted on through proposals with their governance model forked from Dash and Polis allowing any team members to be constantly self-funded.” In a short and simple explanation this means that privacy and anonymity are targets for this platform but features can be added endlessly and community votes for each feature to be added. This might be a real decentralized project as these given indicators shows potential for it.

What are the features of this project that gives sign of success?

First of all – real use of the project itself. Masternodes in this project is only part of it, more like cash flow generator and assets for the company. But uniqueness of this project is Dashboard 1.0 that came live on 7th of June, 2018.

Another angle is cooperation with other blockchain projects and integrating their features. There is some interest from large international financial corporation whose prepaid card is available in 46 countries worldwide. That can help make anonymous and safe cryptocurrency available to a massive audience through a proposed direct exchange with AceD. But these are future steps, in a roadmap you will find it under Q4 2018 plans as AceD payments.

Dashboard of the project AceD

It contains sections of project’s practical part: there is section for New Listings of a coins, Monitoring of ones’ masternodes, even internal store for buying a listing for your new coin or buying banners that will be placed on AceD website, all by using AceD coin.

But the most interesting parts for end user are AceD Gaming, AceD Streaming and AceD Snap. I will return to these sections, each of them, a little later. There is also Escrow service that becomes more and more important in a cryptocurrency new world, and even AceD Foundation, current fashionable trend for new coming projects. In a separate section on the dashboard one can see also Exchanges where currently AceD coin is traded. Must add that all features works ONLY with AceD coin obviously. As this project is in its early stage, most of the features are in development and few in Beta.

AceD Gaming platform

We all know that gaming industry is huge – billions of $ is spent yearly on online gaming. There is no surprise that blockchain companies turns towards this industry as well. AceD is one of them, creating a special platform for online games with their special features – private send and instant payments. Another great feature is that each developer who creates their game and adds to this platform can earn AceD coins and monetize his work. So, both sides benefit, developers and users. AceD platform has its first product – Blackjack game with several tables that you can play right today. Just don’t forget to buy some AceD coins and have AceD wallet to be able to start your journey here.

AceD Snap

But what about AceD Snap? Snap itself gives us hint about nature of this product. Yes, it is something with photography. There are many photo sharing websites, without blockchain, but this will be completely “updated” version of sharing habits. Let me say with AceD team’s words: “Photographers can now earn royalties through selling their photographs and by receiving tips from viewers/users.” Basically it means that one can earn cryptocurrency with sharing of their photos. This idea actually is not too unique to get paid for posting your own content – go to Steemit and get paid for any of your creations, even photo recipes, if audience likes it. But overall platform’s idea itself is fresh and it will use the latest technological ideas.

AceD Streaming

Everyone who is interested in online games knows that video game streaming has become a massive industry with some popular streamers becoming celebrities. But this project wants to take game streaming to the next level. First of all, the audience can choose to use AceD coins to tip the streamer as they deem fit. That will encourage content creators to come with their ideas and get rewarded. From other hand it will be an interactive social experience that people appreciate so much these days. Creators of this platform have thought also about cryptocurrency talk shows streaming and maybe even a cooking show. Not bad, isn’t? Have you gotten the first idea already? Start preparing for your big hour!

AceD Escrow

Recently someone I know got scammed. It was done very simple and he couldn’t do anything to change it. That was one more reminder to use safe platforms that offers you escrow as much as possible. I like Coinbase. Yes, fees are not very low, yes, they are a little snobbish, but that safety feel one can’t compare with anything else. Therefore promising escrow is really step ahead many other projects that are not ready for it. AceDs Escrow Service Beta version is planned to release Q4 2018, so not far away.

Who are these guys?

Many blockchain projects are hiding their faces. Reasons can be plenty – starting from legislation of particular country, up to just scamming people. There were some projects who even posted fake photos of the team! This project’s team you can check out on their website. It is completely International, and I believe they are similar minded people. Zhi Chen, @AceD-MCLXI, is the lead blockchain developer and “head” of the project. Calming is that all faces looks real, except few, and you can chat with them on Discord or Telegram without any problems. It gives extra safety that project aims are not only collect quick cash and then disappear.

Learn more about AceD – Here