New Year Bull – More Value to Users With 90% Supply Burn

New Year Bull – More Value to Users With 90% Supply Burn

New Year Bull

New Year Bull is a new-age Deflationary ERC 20 token that will operate on the fundamentals of DeFi and also boast an online meme platform. New Year Bull will work to garner more returns for the users and token owners.

The critical component of this token currency is the 90% burning off the initial supply. Corresponding to this fact, there is a total supply of 210 million tokens. Every day until the end of the year 2020, 1 million will be taken out of the supply and burned.

This makes the NYB a deflationary token that will scour better benefits for the users and token owners. Moving ahead, the plans are set to launch the DeFi from the start of the next year, this will be based on a DeFi Contract with a 1:1 swap and a total supply of 21 Million. Lastly, New Year Bull aims to become one of the top 5 on the Ethereum blockchain burn addresses.

The Mission of New Year Bull

As it works on a deflationary model, New Year Bull is going to offer much higher returns to the owners. After burning 90% of the token supply, only 21 million NYB tokens will be left behind. And out of these 21 million, 10 million NYB tokens will be circulated with the users on December 31, 2020. Starting with a circulation of 10 Million in January and then the rest 11 million will be distributed as staking to the holders in 2021.

Not only will this enhance the foundation of the token supply, but it will also further increase the value of the token. The team firmly believes that since only 10 million tokens will be left in circulation in 2020, the price of 1 NYB will have a positive uptrend.

The entire pool on Uniswap is locked via UniCrypt.

All in all, New Year Bull is all about bringing returns to its users by marketing and provoking users to follow a bullish behavior, hence the name, New Year Bull. The team also believes that until they have gained a position in the top 5 on the Ether burn address, they will reach $1 and that will further provide fuel to the fire, giving results to bullish behavior.

As far as the coin exchange listings are concerned, NYB is listed on RightBTC, Mercatox, Crex24, EtherFlyer, Uniswap.

On UniSwap, the users adding a minimum of 2000 NYB to the liquidity pool, will receive 5% NYB rewards. However, these rewards are valid for a period of 8 weeks, subject to a minimum lock-up period of 1 week.

Decentralized Finance and NYB

Since it is only the beginning, the users can only buy and exchange NYB tokens or store them in the wallets. But, once the DeFi is up and running, the services sphere will certainly increase manifold.

Precisely, there are four pillars of the DeFi, that are going to evolve NYB into a bigger and better cryptocurrency. These are Insurance/Buy Back and Statistics/ Insights.

The NYB team is going to sell 2 million tokens between 2020 and 2021, followed by converting these to invest in other projects. The motive is to spread the conversions into 20 different projects. All of the projects are listed on UniSwap, and the motive behind this step is to diversify the risk.

At the right time, the NYB team will buy back the assets getting better returns for its holders.

The New Year Bull has dedicated wallets for more exchange listings, marketing and Development, which they will open gradually.

The spread of the token will be premised on the value of NYB tokens held by a user in the year 2021. This is going to bring much greater value to the entire ecosystem and award better prospects to the users.

The Future Roadmap

Apart from the initiation of the DeFi, buyback, and the distribution of assets, the users can also stake NYB tokens from the 1st quarter of 2021. Moreover, the plans are set to run a merchandise shop and create bull partners.


New Year Bull is fusing two revolutionary concepts in the Crypto world, Deflationary, and DeFi. Under the ambit of these technologies, this cryptocurrency will foster better returns and transparent results for the users and peers.

The fact they have a locked liquidity pool on Uniswap and are burning at the rate of 1 million tokens every day, the users can rest assured the future valuation of the NYB is looking bullish.