Bitszcoin, the First Cryptocurrency to Promote Online Education and Digital Learning

Bitszcoin, the First Cryptocurrency to Promote Online Education and Digital Learning


Bitszcoin blockchain project – Driving eLearning Education in Asia, Africa and around the world with Crypto.

Online Education, Digital Learning and eLearning are here to stay. The ongoing pandemic situation has made the contemplation even stronger with more and more self-paced eLearning professional courses surfacing on the internet with each passing day. While these are challenging situations for traditional educational platforms, there is no doubt that eLearning has helped people expand their horizons beyond their classrooms. Students all young and old are now accessing tutorials in their favorite subjects or areas of interest through technologically advanced platforms and learning modes.

Digital learning

U.S. and Europe are currently sharing the global eLearning Market which is valued at USD 107 billion and is expected to grow at an exponential rate of 18% in the coming five years. Bitszcoin aims to be a part of the eLearning revolution in Asia and Africa.

India is one of Asia’s biggest economy which has witnessed a massive internet penetrative in the past five years. The Indian digital learning market which was valued at INR 39 billion in 2018 is expected to grow up to INR 360 billion by 2024. A majority of the world is set to embrace the new form of learning despite the limitations on the regulatory front.

Digital learning is now being made better, interesting, and engaging with gamification. Bitszcoin plans to leverage on the gamification of learning techniques. The process keeps the students and participants involved, motivated, and engaged.

Bitszcoin token sales

The token sale has started and will go on till the end of September 2020. Once the ICO is done, the token will be listed on at least 5 exchanges including the CoinMarketCap, the most popular crypto index. The launch of the mobile app and product is planned for January 2021.

About Bitszcoin

Bitszcoin is the first cryptocurrency with the aim to promote online education. The platform promotes digital learning and online certification and options wide options for students looking to enter traditional and non-traditional fields.

Bitszcoin is already conducting its token sale which will end by September 2020. Post the ICO this September 2020, Bitszcoin aims to list the BITSZ cryptocurrency on a minimum of five exchanges.

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