NFT History – Giving a Novel Method to Own Dates and Gain Exclusivity With NFTs

NFT History – Giving a Novel Method to Own Dates and Gain Exclusivity With NFTs

NFT History

ROAD TOWN, BVI / May 13, 2021 / Innovation and uniqueness have become a new normal for the blockchain industry and, within it, the NFT or Non-Fungible Token segment. A novel use case of the NFT has come ashore with NFT History, a platform that lets the users buy or stake ownership of a particular date in history till the present day. The platform gives users the option to choose a date they want to own, set the starting bid, participate in the auction, and win it to stake their claim by adding an image, a GIF image, or a song image and become the owner of the date via blockchain.

Precious Memories Wrapped into NFT

Before NFT History, users could convert art, collectibles, music videos, song titles, dance tracks, etc., into non-fungible tokens and own the digital versions of the items. Amongst the growing NFT industry, there are records of an NFT getting sold for as much as $400 million.

With the ownership of the dates, interested users can select historic dates like the discovery of America, Man landing on the Moon, 9/11, and so on. It is also possible to choose any sort of date; it can be a birth date, anniversary, child’s birth, graduation day, etc.

However, the platform works on a first-come, first-serve basis. Any user who has previously bought a date-converted NFT can sell the same to another user if demanded and at a higher price. With NFT History, the users are not limited to create memories, but the platform enables them to relive those memories and even monetize them.

5-Step Process to Own, Sell and Buy Dates

The users wanting to own a particular date must log in on the NFT History platform. They can use any date of their choice, be it of historical or personal importance. To buy the dates, the users first need to own HSY tokens, the native cryptocurrency of NFT History.

With tokens safely stored in the user’s wallet, they can access the NFT marketplace and select the day they want to buy from the available list. The minimum bid to place the order for a particular date is 10 HSY.

As soon as the first bid is placed, an auction will start which will run for 24 hours, and the NFT History community will begin bidding on the selected date. At the same time, the person who started the bid can also raise the stakes. In the end, the user who overbid everyone else will claim ownership of the NFT.

Uploading a photo, GIF, etc., will authenticate the ownership; the records will show the name of the user as the owner of that particular date. The owner of the date can also sell the NFT at a higher price in the future.

HSY Token and its Uses Cases

The HSY token will be the sole medium to exchange and necessitate a transaction between the platform and users. There is a limited supply of 20,000,000 HSY tokens working on the BEP-20 structure.

NFT History is still in its early phase, the first round of private sale is ongoing.

Apart from acting as an exchange of value, the HSY token can also be used to claim an interest in new dates, participate in an auction, trade the owned NFTs, and stake HSY for higher returns.

In a Nutshell

NFT History is based on the Binance Smart Chain, and the platform gives its users a choice to select a date and convert it into NFT, thereby owning the date. The dates chosen by the users can be historical incidents, like the American Independence day or a kid’s birthday. Every next day is a potential date that can be bought. The inclusion of NFT into the ownership of the date ensures exclusivity and builds proof of ownership for the user.

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