Hoppy Meme – Using the Meme Revolution to Create a Platform for Supporting a Sustainable Earth

Hoppy Meme – Using the Meme Revolution to Create a Platform for Supporting a Sustainable Earth

Hoppy Meme

ZUG, SWITZERLAND / May 22, 2021 / A few days after its launch, Hoppy Meme got listed on CoinGecko and joined hands with Oxbull.tech. Hoppy Meme aims to capitalize on the evolving demand of meme-based cryptocurrencies; Hoppy Meme wants to leverage its potential and help build a better, sustainable, and greener future. Since the energy consumption levels have increased with the emergence of cryptocurrencies, Hoppy Meme will contribute towards the projects and campaigns meant for a sustainable future and give back to society.

Helping to Build a Better Future with Memes

The expansion of memes and their utility is breaking new grounds on a daily basis. From means of entertainment to sharing message, earning revenue, augmenting the cryptocurrencies, and now helping to build a better future, their progress has been phenomenal.

Hoppy is leveraging the popularity gathered by the memes to create a cryptocurrency platform built for a community of meme enthusiasts and giving them an opportunity to sustain the environment and build a better, greener future for the blockchains. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, the users can buy the Hoppy meme crypto coins on PanCakeSwap or participate in the IDO facilitated by Oxbull.tech.

Hoppy Games and Donations

The Hoppy games are built with a dual purpose, one is to give the platform an eventful narrative, and the second is to raise awareness about the need to build a sustainable and greener future. While playing the games, users will understand the importance of living a sustainable-friendly lifestyle and have fun , as well as enjoy an interactive learning experience.

Another area where the meme-inspired platform will be working is facilitating donations and contributions towards the projects that are helping to build a sustainable future and a greener Earth. Coupled with platform-oriented donations to support fundraising events as a part of their support towards the university students and start-ups, Hoppy Meme is looking to jump start these programs to generate the best results.

Along with the support, Hoppy also gives direct donations to charitable organizations and foundations working on projects and programs to support the environment. With this, the users of Hoppy Meme will become an integral part of building a better future as a fixed percentage of every transaction will be donated. The support to all the initiatives will be provided in the native cryptocurrency of the Hoppy Meme platform, HOP.

Out of every transaction, 5% of the same will be deducted in the form of a tax rate. This transaction cut is divided into three parts – donations, liquidity, and holders. 1% of the transaction will be donated towards the programs that support and run environment-friendly projects. 2% of the same will be added to the liquidity pool, and 2% will redistribute to every Hoppy holder.

In a Nutshell

Hoppy Meme is leveraging the impact of the creative potential of memes to raise awareness and support programs that are helping to build a sustainable and greener future. The users of this cryptocurrency will earn from the redistribution system.

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