POSMN – The Best Masternode Service Hosting Platform You’re Looking For

POSMN – The Best Masternode Service Hosting Platform You’re Looking For

masernode hosting service POSMN

Over the last few years, the cryptocurrency industry has expanded to different verticals and horizons. Besides making direct investments in crypto assets, financial companies are also working on other crypto-based derivative products and services.

But what if you don’t want to get involved in the volatile cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are now increasingly looking to this opportunity of ‘masternode hosting’ and earn a passive stream of income.

What is Masternode Hosting?

Masternodes serve as the highest governing body in the blockchain network with voting rights. While normal nodes have limited functions of supporting the blockchain or relaying transactions, masternodes have additional responsibility associated with the privacy and security of the blockchain network. But yes, more responsibilities also mean more rewards.

By becoming a masternode host is rewarding in the following ways:

  • You can earn passive income for completing different ledger functions like Instant or Private transactions. However, this would require hosting a server and staking your tokens.
  • As said, you have governance rights for a particular blockchain network. With the overall success of the network, this can be rewarding over a period of time.
  • In case of extreme volatility in the crypto market, masternodes provide the opportunity to hedge the investment risk. This can be done by having the right investment strategy and providing predictable returns to other node operators.

There are multiple masternode hosting platforms available in the market. But here we will be talking about the recently launched yet popular masternode hosting platform service – POSMN.

Screenshot from POSMN website

POSMN – The Masternode Hosting Service Platform

Just launched a few months back, POSMN’s masternode hosting service is up and running supporting both – major and minor cryptocurrency masternodes. You can also check masternode stats & coin overview for more information about coins that you are interested in.

Coin Overview

The masternode onboarding or set up process on the POSMN platform is simple and only takes a minute to get started.

The platform basically aims at streamlining the entire process of creating, running, and managing your masternodes. The good thing is that it requires little to no technical knowledge on setting up your masternode.

As described by the platform

“POSMN platform uses fully automated processes to create and configure your masternode in the background. All you have to do is to provide the address where the collateral was sent, and our system will generate configuration string for masternode.conf file that connects your wallet to the masternode server. The only thing left is to add that line to your local wallet, restart it, so changes will be applied, and start the masternode from your masternode tab. It’s as easy as this!”

Benefits of the platform

Besides, POSMN also provides security for your tokens wherein the users don’t need to share any private data with the platform. Your coins always remain in your “controller” wallet without any need of sending them anywhere.

On the other hand, migrating your existing masternode on the POSMN platform is really simple. You can do it simply by adding the existing masternode lines on the POSMN platform. Once you close the masternode daemon and vps, POSMN will take care of all the further process.

Adding masternodes

Finally, coming to the pricing, POSMN is one of the cheapest masternode hosting platforms in the market at just $0.50 per month. Users get several payment options on the POSMN platform like Apple Pay, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Lightning Network, and MONK.

The Monkey Project (MONK) has shown some good performance over the last year. If we look at the Monkey Project masternode stats, the masternode count has jumped from 1262 nodes to now at 2665 nodes. Furthermore, the ROI for the MONK cryptocurrency is pretty good with 66.24% returns in theist 550 days.

All-in-all, the POSMN platform is the right pick for masternode hosting as it addresses three major issues – easy setup process, good support, and very low pricing. POSMN.com holds all the keys to become a major player in the cryptocurrency scene. Having grown from nothing to more than 5000 hosted nodes in just a few months shows that they are the ones to watch when it comes to promising start-ups.