ProxyNode: A Decentralized Secure Platform For Virtual Private Servers

ProxyNode: A Decentralized Secure Platform For Virtual Private Servers


ProxyNode is a blockchain project backed by its own native PRX cryptocurrency to build and provide a secure platform for virtual private servers (VPS) and Virtual private network (VPN) solutions.

All the participants of the ProxyNode Ecosystem are rewarded in PRX through the process of running masternodes and coin staking.

The four major goals of the PRX team include:

  1. Building a MasterNode hosting service wherein the fees are paid in PRX
  2. Launching a VPS service while allowing PRX payments
  3. Offering a VPN service for PRX paid subscriptions
  4. Developing an exchange wherein PRX traders can get global access to PRX tokens.

All these projects shall be pursued in collaboration with, a platform for hosting all the masternodes. MASC specializes in offering virtual servers for hosting your website, in this case, the masternodes for the ProxyNode network.

MASC currently offers masternode hosting for just one GBP per month paid entirely in PRX tokens. The existing masternode rewards have been capped at 80 PRX. Hosting a PRX node doesn’t currently cost more than the rewards received. Besides, once the value of PRX surges, the PRX income itself will make it easy for you to host multiple MasterNodes absolutely free of cost, using the rewards of a single node.

MASC Additional Features and Changes

  • The PRX team is bringing some improvements with some automated scripts that can list coins on MASC. Some of the coins most recently added to MASC include Documentchain, Galilel, LeisureCoin, Arioncoin, StakeCube, Dequant, Feirm.
  • As per the existing plans of the PRX team, once new Masternode Coins are added to MASC, 24Sizzle(An automated discord bot) will update this information in a read-only “MASC-Ann” channel in discord.
  • With the crypto markets and BTC price recently going topsy turvy, the PRX team has introduced some emergency measures ensuring that PRX payers still manage to earn some profits. This strategy has paid well in terms of an increase in node numbers.
  • Besides, the PRX team is also working on a discount system that will reward investors for their number of MasterNodes.

The Future of PRX

The team at PRX has been working to have an engaging community of PRX users. For this, the team has adopted some future-proof measures like:

  • White-labeling the MASC system.
  • Launching as a Proxynode branded reseller of MASC.
  • Onboarding new projects by listing coins quicker. It will also provide a block explorer when setup and a full node to help hold the network together.
  • Autocoin Updates (Currently a coin can sit for weeks without being notified of a coin’s new version)
  • Promote everywhere with this setup.

As far as wallets are concerned, one can download the ProxyNode desktop wallets on the platform of your choice. The ProxyNode desktop wallets are currently available for MacOS, windows, Linux, as well as the Github repository.

ProxyNode future vision

Just like BTC, ProxyNode shall be having its own halving in May 2020 with the predicted date of block at 750000. The Roadmap for ProxyNode was to:

  1. Build a team (from scratch) [Complete]
  2. Discuss what is possible within the team [Complete]
  3. Discuss with the community about the future direction [Complete]
  4. Update the channel. [Complete]
  5. Get acquainted with the backend setup and do what we can to ensure a good lifespan of PRX. [Complete]

Not many coins have a roadmap for the year that is completed on time and to schedule and this year looks, even more promising with the migration to a branded hosting solution and the funds being used to promote the product, PRX is going to continue on its path from strength to strength. Getting back into the top 1000 coins and then pushing to get inside the top 500 will be key milestones of the project over the coming months.

The Proxynode project is most active on Discord and is also available on Telegram.

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  • Community-run coin
  • Spendable via MASCSolutions
  • Huge potential growth
  • Recent Bullish activity
  • The team dedicated to the coin’s future.