Crypto Online Games: Game Credits And Splinterlands Partnership

Crypto Online Games: Game Credits And Splinterlands Partnership

Game Credits

Blockchain-based gaming has been growing steadily in the past few years. Various projects and partnerships have been formed within this space. One of the latest to be formed is the partnership between Splinterlands and Game Credits.

About Splinterlands

Splinterlands is a collectible card game powered by the HIVE blockchain. The game is designed to allow players to battle anytime, trade at any time, and win against other players globally. All transactions within the game are fast and free and players can win limited quantity digital assets that can be bought, sold, traded, and even rented out on the secondary market!

About GAME Credits

Game Credits was unveiled in 2014. When it was launched, it was among the first crypto coins with a complete focus on the gaming sector. It has continued to build on the initial idea of merging the gaming world with blockchain technology. In April 2020, they announced that they merged with NOVATOKEN and the team working on NOVA BLITZ, a real-time collectible card game.

The project wants to revolutionize how in-game purchases work. Their goal is to allow players to have actual ownership of the assets they buy; allowing gamers to sell, trade, or even rent their digital assets. Game developers will also have the ability to add the option of in-game monetization. Besides that, eSport tournaments can now add real prize pools as well as payouts for event participants.

Game Credits and Splinterlands Partnership

The partnership between Game Credits and Splinterlands will help the two great projects merge their communities and grow together. This will make it possible to bring about new opportunities for the utilization of blockchain technology in the gaming world.

Staking Game Credits is Live

The Game Credits platform is still in development. So far, they have completed the development of staking GAME Credits. The next stage is to be complete by next month.

The staking takes place via the Ethereum blockchain. However, the team is working on a side chain that will allow users to use in-game accounts to interact, earn, and when ready, link to an Ethereum account to manage tokens. The option is still in development. Staking is the only function that has been enabled for now. To engage in staking, one will need a wallet.

The Wallets

Any wallet with ERC20 support can be used for your GAME Credits.

Buying GAME

The GAME Credits are available on 10 exchanges. Those behind the token insist that they are utility tokens and not a security. As a result, those who buy the GAME Credits should be those that intend to use them as intended and not for purposes of speculation.

Once users join the platform, they can visit the MY SUPPORT tab to see any game that is staked. One can add or move a staked game at will. However, keep in mind that all Ethereum transactions require gas. A side chain is being worked on to deal with the issue, which will make transactions easier and free.

The Rewards

Every week, there are 100,000 GAME Credits available as rewards. The rewards will go down with time, in a similar fashion to the BTC halving events. These GAME rewards are split 50/50 between the developer community and the staking community. The GAME tokens that one earns are based on what they stake and how long the stake compared to other stakers during the week. Payouts are made on Sundays.

Future Developments

As more features and functions are rolled out, the possibilities to earn and win will continue to increase and expand.

Splinterlands has the goal of making it possible to bring a clear understanding of blockchain-based assets to the gaming world. For some gamers, it will open their eyes as to the possible value their loot can have in the real world when games are powered by the blockchain.

Game Credits is working to enable NFT creation, a feature that is already available via Splinterlands. By offering this functionality, it will help to open up the possibilities that are offered by the transparency and immutability blockchain technology.

The future is full of possibilities for Game Credits and Splinterlands. However, the blockchain-based gaming world is still young. As a result, it will take patience and perseverance as the ecosystem develops. Today, gaming companies hold all the power within the gaming world. However, blockchain technology could help to ensure a fairer gaming ecosystem where the players have a voice they deserve.