SYB Real Estate Marketplace: Bringing the Efficiency of the Crypto World to the Property Market

SYB Real Estate Marketplace: Bringing the Efficiency of the Crypto World to the Property Market

SYB Real Estate

SYB Real Estate is an adept fusion between the real estate market and cryptocurrency, making it easier for the users to buy properties via the blockchain. SYB Real Estate is a family run business whereby they buy land and downtrodden properties only to revamp them significantly before putting them up on the marketplace.

The users can look at the itinerary of properties on the marketplace and select the one that suits their class, budget, and style. Apart from the residential properties, they also build commercial, hospitality, retail, and restaurant establishments.

The significant attribute of SYB Real Estate is that it is asset-backed, which secures the properties and other holdings available on the platform with collateral. The provision of the SYBC Tokens makes it easier for the users to trade among their peers. Moreover, it also allows the users to exchange tokens on the platform with up to date exchange rates while giving users the option to choose between the Classic Rate and Fixed Rate.

Real Estate Marketplace on the Blockchain

SYB Real Estate is an emerging marketplace allowing users to buy or lease properties from the platform. The properties are refurbished, revamped, and sometimes entirely reconstructed to suit the user’s requirements. The signature style of properties listed on the platform is unique and ultra-luxurious.

The group has access to world-class developers and construction companies to realize the project’s vision and bring it to life. Once the properties are ready to sell, they are listed on the platform for the users to explore and buy.

The users can either buy with the SYB Coins or fiat currency. The motive of employing world-class developers to create superlative and luxurious homes is to enhance the lifestyle. SYB Real Estate believes that life is meant to be lived lavishly and pride. So, they build dream-like homes transforming the spoiled and barren lands into castles of dreams.

Tokens to Buy or Rent Properties

Not only buying properties from the marketplace is possible, but the users can also rent or lease these properties, again paying with the SYB Tokens or fiat currency. The benefit of working with the SYB Real Estate is that they are not the intermediaries or agents. As a family-owned business, the SYB Real Estate deals directly with property buyers.

The SYBC Tokens can be liquidated at the user’s will, and these tokens are backed by assets. Furthermore, as the SYBC Real Estate Marketplace also acts as a trading and exchange platform, the users can leverage from two types of exchange rates, Classic and Fixed, to complete the transaction.

The currency exchange pairs are not affixed to a single pair. Instead, the community peers can choose any cryptocurrency pair as required. To buy the SYB Tokens, the users may reach out to HitBTC, Changelly, CoinMarketCap, and others.

Furthermore, SYB Coin de-institutionalizes the process of property buying and ownership by merging it with blockchain. Most homeowners experience friction on the payments stage, and SYB Coin aims to diminish this friction by easing the entire process for the buyers.

SYB Coin Aims to Bring Smoothness into Blockchain Real Estate

The SYB Tokens are stored on the ERC-20 powered wallets and run on the Ethereum blockchain. Furthermore, the users can also store their SYB tokens on any wallet that runs on the same ERC-20 system.

So, the motive of having SYB Tokens is to send or receive payments in an instant. Being a real estate marketplace, the amount of transactions will be high. Furthermore, SYB makes it easier to convert fiat currency into cryptocurrency and vice versa.

This is done to ensure the seamless accessibility and utility of the user’s tokens without impeding the transaction process due to the vagaries of high amount exchanges. All the SYB tokens owned by the user can be stored on a wallet of the user’s choice. If they want to deal with any sort of property-related transaction, the SYB platform will provide the required infrastructure and support to complete the transaction smoothly.

Apart from the real estate market transactions, the platform also gives access to the reward programs, TV streaming services, and in-app purchases.

In a Nutshell

There are three key aspects of SYB Real Estate Marketplace that are positioned to boost its market positioning higher. One, the properties are authentic, lavish, unique, and life-like. Second, the marketplace is secured and powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Third, the users can pay through the platform with their SYB Tokens, which can be exchanged on the same platform from a multitude of other cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, all the transactions are fast, secure, and will reach the right user with a single click.

Comparing this scenario to the offline real estate marketplace, which is time-consuming and involves a lot of caveats, SYB is better, faster, more secure, and ready for the future.