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UCA Coin

UCA Coin: Creating a Cohesive Cryptocurrency Ecosystem For All

Ever since the inception of Bitcoin, the blockchain-based decentralized cryptocurrencies have come a long way. While we have made considerable progress on the technological front, we still have some work to do with mass adoption Complexities of acquiring, holding, transferring, and selling have been the major blockade to mass adoption of crypto currencies. As well…
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YieldNodes: A Multi-Tier Investment Program Based on Blockchain Economy

The blockchain-based economy provides investors several other ways of earning money apart from crypto investments. Yieldnodes is one such multi-tiered investment program that leverages the use of blockchain technology. Global investors have been struggling to make ends meet due to the recent unfortunate economic crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. The situation is so gloomy…
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Peony Coin

Peony Coin: A Cryptocurrency Aimed At Getting More Efficiency to the ECom Industry

E-commerce and financial technology (FinTech) have been two of the fastest evolving companies over the last decade. With the e-commerce chain involving several stakeholders like buyers, sellers, shipment providers, etc. there are multiple layers of transactions involved. The traditional ways of making payments using fiat currencies involve a service fee at each layer of payments.…
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Phore Blockchain

Q1 2020 Recap of the Phore Blockchain Project

The Phore blockchain helps transfer value around an ecosystem that is both accessible and secure. It supports various features that provide a variety of applications, including reliable transactions. The participants also receive rewards similar to interest payments. Users can opt for either private or transparent transactions. Phore also supports decentralized crowdfunding while reducing the entry…
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Syscoin: Evolving the Crypto World Through Collaboration

Where are you able to build cost-effective, rapid, and impregnable applications? The answer, Syscoin. Utilizing the strength and security of Bitcoin, Syscoin is a blockchain protocol that’s strength comes from its core features. Syscoin is not one to rest on its laurels. Always looking to improve and innovate, they’ve recently made a move that is…
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NYZO: A High-Efficiency Proof-of-Diversity Blockchain for Verifiers

The cryptocurrency industry is flooded with several interesting projects aimed at addressing new-age FinTech challenges and requirements. But to your surprise, several cryptocurrency projects are found compromising on either of these issues like completely open-source, democratic values, ease-of-use, and efficiency. Nyzo is one such open-source blockchain project which is highly efficient, completely democratic, and highly…
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Primecoin is bringing a new era of consensus

Following Bitcoin’s inception soon after the 2008 financial crisis, a number of different cryptocurrencies arrived in the market based on the similar Proof-of-Work (P.O.W) consensus mechanism. Bitcoin’s proof-of-work model designed for the peer-to-peer cryptocurrency is a hashcash type based on the SHA-256 has functions. Primecoin, on the other hand, takes a different approach and is…
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BITCOFFEEN: Bringing A Cryptocurrency Twist To Satisfy Your Caffeine Needs

Over the last decade, experts have been talking about getting the use of cryptocurrencies in mainstream daily purchases. However, seldom has any crypto project worked in a direction to make this a reality. Now, targeting the coffee industry in particular, the BITCOFFEEN coffee is one such project that aims to change the dynamics of the…
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automotive blockchain

Visiongain Publishes Automotive Blockchain Market 2020-2030 Report

NEWS PROVIDED BY Visiongain  Apr 16, 2020, 09:00 ET LONDON, April 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Market Forecasts by Application (Smart Contracts, Supply Chain, Financing, Mobility Solutions and Others), by Provider (Middleware Provider, Infrastructure and Protocols Provider and Application and Solution Provider), by Mobility Type (Personal Mobility, Shared Mobility and Commercial Mobility), by Vehicle Type (Passenger Cars, Light Commercial…
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Martkist guide

The ESSENTIAL guide to starting out on Martkist

What is Martkist? Decentralized anarchy is here and it’s here to stay. Welcome to Martkist. Our vision is to bypass third-party intermediaries while offering a truly decentralized marketplace. We use open-source blockchain technology that incorporates necessary features to allow for a seamless global e-commerce experience. We have our community in mind and have built/continue to…
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