IQ.Cash: Fill Your Income Bucket Through Passive Income from Masternodes and Miners Rewards

IQ.Cash: Fill Your Income Bucket Through Passive Income from Masternodes and Miners Rewards


Over the last decade, a number of cryptocurrency projects have arrived in the market with the promise of how they would serve the market needs and appreciate value over a period of time. While these crypto projects end up tricking investors to flush their money, seldom it is found that these projects have any real-life application.

Furthermore, most of the new cryptocurrencies are found subjected to high volatility or end up being pump-and-dump schemes by market sharks. Ultimately, some gullible retail investors pay the price for it burning up their investments.

But, is crypto investment the only way to make money in the crypto and blockchain industry? Hell, NOT! If you’re looking for something that offers steady and consistent income for your investments, IQ.Cash is the right place to be.

IQ.Cash is a large-scale blockchain platform that creates an equal opportunity for Traders, Miners and Masternode Investors. Along with creating a fair investment opportunity, the main goal of IQ.Cash cryptocurrency is also providing an instant anonymous online payment system.

Well, one of the main things about IQ.Cash project is that it is being led by the biggest financial business events platform FinExpo. FinExpo has been conducting financial events every year all across the globe for the last 18 years.

With multiple events over the last several years, FinExpo knows the pulse of the global financial market and where it is heading. Thus, leading a project like IQ.Cash itself speaks volumes about IQ.Cash’s future potential.

This platform also has some of the biggest players as financial partners including the London Stock Exchange, Saxo Bank, Citi Bank, etc.

Working Mechanism for IQ.Cash Masternodes

The concept of masternodes is not new to the crypto markets and has been here for a while. Masternodes basically perform all the functions of a normal node like verifying transactions within the network. However, they go a step beyond and are responsible for the overall safety and security and other important tasks in a blockchain.

To become a Masternode operator, each blockchain has its minimum investment requirement and the same is the case with IQ.Cash. The IQ.Cash Masternode program allows investors to make around 300% yearly profits.

  • To begin with, the investor has to purchase 3000 qty of IQ.Cash cryptocurrency to be a Masternode owner.
  • Using the Flits app available on both Android and iOS platforms, the investor can easily create his/her own masternode in few simple steps.
  • To do this, create a wallet first in the Flits app and deposit 3001 IQ.Cash coins, since 1 will be spent on transaction commission. Later, create a Masternode server and a deposit. The IQ.Cash wallet is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Every month, you need to pay the Flits App a hosting provider service fee of EUR 1.99.

The good thing is that IQ.Cash is working on its native mobile application that will allow users to send, receive, and store IQ.Cash cryptocurrency. The first glimpse of the mobile application is already available.

Benefits of the IQ.Cash Cryptocurrency

Apart from offering a handsome ROI to the Masternode investors, the IQ.Cash platform brings several benefits like anonymity, decentralization, security and ASIC resistance.

  • IQ.Cash doesn’t compromise on its core ethos of decentralization and blocks any sort of dominant influence over the network.
  • Despite millions of active users, IQ.Cash offers a high-level of security to users wherein their accounts cannot be blocked or the funds can’t be accessed by anyone but only the owner.
  • Although transparency is one feature of the blockchain that it good for retail transactions, big financial organizations want to keep their transactions private from their competitors.
    Using the PrivateSend algorithm, IQ.Cash provides complete anonymity for transactions. It completely encrypts the data while transferring and receiving assets. Thus, organizations don’t need to worry about any third-party access to data.
  • Using ASIC chips to mining new blocks often leads to accelerated growth in the network complexity. The IQ.Cash network solves this problem using the NeoScrypt algorithm.

Technical Specifications of IQ.Cash

  • Algorithm: PoW, NeoScrypt (ASIC resistance)
  • Block time: 120 seconds
  • Reward per block: 25 IQ
  • Block Reward Distribution: 57% to Masternodes and 43% to Miners, both fetched from (Reward-6%) formula, where 6% is reserved for DAO system
  • Block reward get sliced by 12% each year
  • Max coins: 56 900 000 IQ
  • Premine: 7 900 000 IQ
  • Mining out in: 25 years

You can also trace real-time data with respect to network difficulty and mining, here.