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Eric Adams ‘Breaks Bread’ with Crypto Influencers amongst Crypto’s Latest Meme Trend in Times Square

Cryptocurrency projects are quickly dominating Times Square billboards. Today DogeBread, the latest Dogecoin-themed crypto-asset, takes Times Square by storm by showing support for Democratic mayoral nominee Eric Adams. Adams has been vocally pro-crypto, saying in late June that New York City would become the “centre of bitcoins” under his leadership. The billboard also hosts crypto influencers…
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Pandatsuki | Launching A Fully Transparent Meme Coin For Charity

BERLIN, GERMANY, July 15, 2021 — The Pandastuki presale precedes the launch of the platform. The users can participate in the presale, starting from the 14th of July and it continues till the 21st of July. The presale is focused on inviting users and building a community of crypto enthusiasts with a motive of helping sustainable projects…
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Cavapoo | Changing with World With $CAVA and Community Driven Charitable Missions

Chicago, IL / June 24, 2021 / Cavapoo aims to bring a light of hope and address real-world problems with blockchain. The project also plans to help the community make a difference in society by running one of its kind charity-led cryptocurrency networks. As a decentralized network, Cavapoo focuses on the community and will work to bridge…
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Snoge 2.0 – A Community-Driven Platform With Deflationary System Working to Build a Brighter Future

AUGUSTA, ITALY / May 26, 2021 / At the time when meme coins take the center stage, Snoge 2.0 is launched. Snoge 2.0 is a community-driven, auto staking meme coin with a deflationary system, where the entire user base decides its future while earning from its redistribution mechanism and gradual decrease in token supply. From A Concept to a Futuristic…
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Hoppy Meme

Hoppy Meme – Using the Meme Revolution to Create a Platform for Supporting a Sustainable Earth

ZUG, SWITZERLAND / May 22, 2021 / A few days after its launch, Hoppy Meme got listed on CoinGecko and joined hands with Oxbull.tech. Hoppy Meme aims to capitalize on the evolving demand of meme-based cryptocurrencies; Hoppy Meme wants to leverage its potential and help build a better, sustainable, and greener future. Since the energy consumption levels have increased with the emergence of…
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