The End To Speculative Crypto Payments

The End To Speculative Crypto Payments


The current crypto market is based of speculation and has a difficult time taking over fiat and becoming the new standard in payments.

This is where CENTRIC plans to take the lead with a new type of stable utility token and a duel crypto eco-system that takes away speculation and allows a seamless experience utilizing Centric Rise as a means of payment.

A massive issue is looming over the industry

To tackle the issue of stability many projects have tried and the most well known is everyones “favourite” TETHER. Which has been continuously scrutinised for being a money printing business and a pile of s… with a 10,281,372,504 circulating supply.

This is a huge problem because TETHER is able to print more and more USDT and really not serve any utility except as a means to trade back one’s position.

How is this fixed?

Centric has build a unique duel crypto eco-system


  • This is the speculative token, traded on exchanges and used to “cash-out”
  • Elastic supply


  • The utility token, the token which will have real-world use and also RISE in price each hour block
  • The finite supply of the only 1billion and only 9% is owned by the team!

The quickest way to get CNR is to exchange CNS for it (that’s the beauty of it and it is the fundamental thing that makes this work for utilisers and investors while not interrupting the other side.

So how does it work?

CENTRIC RISE has a continuously rising price which is predetermined 1 year in advance and locked into the Blockchain, thus it cannot be changed. This makes it the perfect crypto for payments worldwide.

Any merchant or service provider will be able to know the price of RISE now and anytime during the next year, allowing them to set prices accordingly and automatically! This literally eliminates the need for speculation and removes the volatility problem of cryptocurrencies.

Let’s be honest, currently, almost all Blockchain projects treat their crypto as stocks, which they sell off to the market for gains and development. It is time for a true utility cryptocurrency that has no speculation and gives a transparent ecosystem to users and supporters.

How to get in early and make profit

As this article is written it is still early doors and the DUEL currency system allows user to get in early as an early investor.

Break down

  • The most efficient way to get RISE (CNR) is to get CASH (CNS) and exchange it for it. On centric swap.

CNS is already available on Bithumb global, Probit, and just recently Bittrex! Huge exchange listings and the first of many great ones.


After one purchase CNS he can exchange it to CNR on:

As mentioned CNR goes up in price each block this making it a perfect investment token.

The token metrics are super unique and there are a number of videos which explain it, here is a great one which we suggest to check out.


The project started centralised and accumulated over 16,000 users/token holders before going decentralised and has left a very small supply of tokens for the team.

This is one of the biggest steps and probably one that most companies are too scared to take but it is surely one which will pay of as it is those 16k holders which are the building blocks of the market and the project.

No need to worry about the team members dumping on the market, no need to worry about fluctuating prices, no need to worry about the whole token metrics and CENTRIC will do all the hard work.

Centric has one final objective and that is to become a global cryptocurrency which is utilised for payments, THE FIAT KILLER?

How to maximize gains from centric as an early adopter

We all know that getting in early allows one to get the best returns and sometimes hit those 10x, 30 or even 100x project.

So here is a breakdown from an experienced investor on how to get in early and profit.

CNS is just a gateway to getting CNR, the goal is to hold as much CNR as possible as the exchange rate of CNS will be 10x of CNR

So if one gets 10 CNR now and hold it until CNS reaches $1 then he can swap each CNR for $10

BUT! And this is a big but, while the user holds CNR the price of it goes up each block, as mentioned!

Watch the video provided previously, it will really explain it in detail.


This system is so unique and literally takes out speculation from the price and allows RISE to become a true currency, which can be used globally.

Connect with the project:


Twitter–> JoinCentricApp