Summary of The First Day ANON Blockchain Summit Vienna Exhibition Impressions

Summary of The First Day ANON Blockchain Summit Vienna Exhibition Impressions

ANON Blockchain Summit

The second day has started and time to give a short summary how was the first day in this large scale and impressive event – ANON Blockchain Summit Vienna 2019.


Vienna ANON Blockchain Summit is a part of Vienna Blockchain Week that happens here for the first time. April 1-5, 2019, Vienna lives under the umbrella of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. ANON Blockchain Summit is a part, but a very important one, that is held in Gösserhalle – large old factory area with a flavor of art and freedom. It is an excellent place for such large scale event as ANON as all territory is divided into several sectors.

Main Stage – huge hall with full two day program that is divided in a several topic blocks.

  • government
  • banking & finance
  • business
  • energy
  • healthcare

The morning time was devoted more to governance and regulations of the blockchain industry with the extremely interesting panel “Why Regulated?” with Niklas Schmidt, Terence Cassar, Daniel Horak, and Christian Piska in it. Moderator was Alexander Pfeiffer, a scientist. Almost all panel members agreed that it is wrong to talk about new regulations on blockchain as “old” regulations can be applied to it easily – be it trade laws or financial, depending of blockchain product’s aims and tasks.

The second hall – Innovation Stage, where the first day was hosted by Austrian Blockchain Center. A lot of discussions about the blockchain environment here in Austria and comparison with it in other countries, story of the creation of the Austrian Blockchain association. Later – innovations, analytics, technical aspects of blockchain and many more topics.


Large area in this event is devoted to exhibition – a lot of companies that are on blockchain or connected with it exhibits here: lawers, payment systems, PR agencies for blockchain companies, and many more. Of course, also CryptoShib is here with our client’s CryptoDezireCash project! See more about our experiences on our Twitter.


There is a special workshop area as well – besides ANON here was also large workshop Hackathon hosted by Obstnetwork in cooperation with OBB.

The second day just started, stay connected and talk soon again!