The Man Behind Wallex and EURST

The Man Behind Wallex and EURST


The impact of digitization on the world economy has presented the fourth industrial revolution, transforming the economic structure, economic policies, systems impact, and governance. Over the next decade, an estimated 70% of new value will be based on digitally enabled platform business models.

Only a handful have carved their niches into infinity, others are still trying. And among the names being dropped, one keeps emerging: Simone Mazzuca.

Simone Mazzuca is innovative in his style of management. Being the founder of Wallex and creator of the EURST, he is agile and motivated with a strong orientation to bridge traditional finance with the new digital world. He focuses his energies on management, advisory robustness, creating new opportunities for the success of his clients.

Owing to many valuable years spent in financial consulting, Mazzuca’s wealth of experience in the production of financial instruments and services, such as investment and credit advice, took him as the direct manager of private and institutional clients across the countries of Italy, the USA, and Great Britain. Within the Canary Islands his work orientated to the promotion of tax advantages and the attraction of private capital for the Italian-Anglo-Saxon businesses.

As if it was not enough, Mazzuca found his passion for financial innovation taking him to Bulgaria, a fintech hub space, where his tried and tested capabilities created cutting-edge companies that were timely suited for the new digital economy.

Since I was young, I knew that I will create a strong financial institution, which will lead the way to others and make a change.”

My vision and capacity are focused on the future technological expression of the assets in international financial markets, being cryptoactive, and realizing the existing potential in bringing positive changes to the world economy.”

Simone Mazzuca

The backbone of today’s technology is blockchain, with Bitcoin as a use case. These game-changers inspired Simone Mazzuca to create Wallex. It became a technological vehicle for him given his financial experience. For Mazzuca, blockchain is a technology that is helping people in real life by allowing the financial system to perform better and more adequately. Mazzuca expressed his viewpoint that

Bitcoin is the algorithm of God, expressed through technology”

Simone Mazzuca

and it is connecting investors all over the world, allowing them to trade without boundaries. For this reason, high volume of trade can be generated, become transparent, and easily accessible to all on a worldwide scale. His bit of advice to entrepreneurs is to trade Bitcoin for collateral in order to manage the risk of their company and to increase the company’s profit.

To that effect, Mazzuca found a loop gap in the economy and created EURST stablecoin.

EURST was conceived as an upgrade in the technology language of the traditional economic function of currency by using the trade criteria. Its framework was built considering the current financial situation.”

EURST is a live audited asset-backed stablecoin on the blockchain. And of course, it is faster, cheaper, secure, and, last but not the least – it is borderless.”

Simone Mazzuca

A grounded advocate of financial technology and what it has to offer, Mazzuca firmly believes that stablecoins and CBDCs (central bank digital currencies) are the future.

Of course, they are. Aren`t they a more practical way of spending?”

They are the technology tool for better performance of the payments and can keep one general ledger that is transparent, which is very important.”

Simone Mazzuca

Governments and central banks are the staunch defenders and protectors of the fiat. Economies of the world have long been running behind the power of the highly centralized fiat whether it is money backed by the gold standard or currency pegged to real commodities like oil and gas. But now the threat of decentralization brought about by blockchain technology is gathering into a huge wave of disruption aiming to dislodge legacy structures, designs, systems, and processes from their seats.

Mazzuca opines that despite the changes blowing in the wind, great lessons of the past must be carried well into the future through the digitization of things. Fiat currency is just a physical representation of the value of a currency. And since stablecoins are holding a big part of the future, they are two separate worlds with their own criteria in their own time of usability. Someday soon somewhere down the road, the meeting of the two will take place, putting everything into the right perspective. So, there is actually no need of a good balance or understanding between them both.

What goes on in the mind of a visionary leader like Simone Mazzuca may still be a mystery. But one thing for sure, it is exciting. Exciting in the sense that Mr. Mazzuca is excited about the new digital era.

“For me, the new digital era is still an empty space. It is an opportunity, where we can create a better world for ourselves. And a better one for our kids too, isn`t that exciting by itself?”

Simone Mazzuca

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