TENT Now Featured on HitBTC in a Key Move for Growing Cryptocurrency Project

TENT Now Featured on HitBTC in a Key Move for Growing Cryptocurrency Project


PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC / April 16, 2021 / In a major milestone toward achieving its goal of bringing altcoins and cryptocurrency into daily usage, TENT is driving forward with its key roadmap objectives for 2021 with a listing on the popular HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange.

TENT was created as a joint venture between SnowGem Foundation, the blockchain technology company behind the SnowGem project, and Moneyzoom Ltd. – an emerging Fintech company positioned to bridge the gap between traditional fiat finance and the emerging digital economy.

Moneyzoom leverages its partnerships with Decta and Monavate, a Fintech platform that recently raised £5 Million in funding, in order to provide the first steps towards cryptocurrency for all. With these partnerships, TENT aims to provide a better use case for new crypto users via easy-to-use mobile wallets with buy, swap, and real debit card support.

TENT also announced the decision to disable the optional privacy element of its blockchain to improve accessibility and compliance with all current and upcoming regulations regarding digital money movement. The listing on HitBTC is just the start of an aggressive expansion onto other exchanges, the next major exchange being slated for Q2 2021.

Due to the increasingly high demand for true crypto accessibility and debit card solutions, TENT has recently employed new advisors with institutional debit card experience to assist with the final steps of debit card integration into the TENT ecosystem.

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