The Power Coin: Power Solution

The Power Coin: Power Solution

Power Coin

Electric vehicles have transcended into the technology of choice for eco-friendly consumers because of their ability to be powered with clean and renewable energy. Electric vehicles are no doubt the present and future of mobility.

The inherent fuel efficiency and cost-effectiveness of electric motors in contrast to the traditional combustion engine prove that the world will eventually shift towards smart e-mobility. With automotive giants also joining the race for smart e-mobility, there is still an issue that has remained persistent over the years, the lack of effective electric charging infrastructure.

Automotive giants are striving to deliver effective electric charging infrastructure by drastically increasing the electric charging capability over the years, however, the dearth of chargers remains despite the efforts.

Interestingly, this is where “The Power Solution” comes in with the Blockchain Part: “The Power Coin”.

Electric Vehicles: An Overview of the problem

The electric vehicle market boasts an extended list of success over the past couple of years, with automotive giants heavily investing in the technology. However, the current scalability of electric charging continues to be an eye-raising concern for average consumers.

Due to the lack of any moderative infrastructure, independent charging companies and automotive giants continue to provide charging solutions to the masses. However, taking the scalability of organizations’ capability to provide universal charging solutions, the issue persists.

An average Electric vehicle tends to take up to 40 minutes to completely recharge and this could be detrimental for organizations that are actively trying to provide charging solutions. Moreover, the prices offered tend to fluctuate a lot, this is due to the charging infrastructure being essentially governed by giant corporations

Despite the issues revolving around the scalability of charging solutions and the dominance of giant corporations over universal charging, E-mobility has undoubtedly paved its way into the economic cycle through the use of Lithium-ion batteries. As automotive giants continue to perfect their craft, traditional combustion engines are soon going to be replaced with e-mobility.

The Power Coin: the solution

The Power Coin aspires to use emerging digital technology to effectively promote an effective charging infrastructure. The Power Coin seeks to deliver rudimentary services to users through a decentralized blockchain-based electric charging ecosystem.

The Power Coin aims to shock the world by powering the future of electric vehicles. By analyzing the current state of the electric vehicle ecosystem, The Power coin aims to connect the users, producer & industry with its new decentralized platform that offers an electrifying solution to effective electric charging.

The decentralized nature of blockchain technology offers benefits with great frequency. By empowering their users with the ability to provide electric charging facilities with fixed rates of their choices, The Power Coin visualizes a sustainable future for e-mobility.

Through integrating blockchain technology, The Power Coin expects to allow for the industry to develop a self-regulating ability that allows more people to power the electric charging infrastructure under a decentralized ecosystem. Any user with alternative means of surplus power can join the movement and charge thousands of vehicles independently.

The Power Coin: How will it work

The Power Coin envisages an effective decentralized electric charging ecosystem that is independent of power-hungry giants. The Power Coin will be based on blockchain technology. Through blockchain technology, The Power Coin aims to empower users with the ability to run their charging facility.

The Power Coin plans to use the TPWR Blockchain to power the Main-Infrastructure that will serve as Administration-Gateway for users.

  • The Power Coin expects to classify Full Integrated Stations or Active e-Charge Stations as Clients where users can charge their electric vehicles and Supplier could sell energy
  • By using blockchain technology as their base, The Power Coin envisions to grow, organize, and optimize the electric charging infrastructure. This is evident through the ability of users to aggregate New e-Stations into the TPWR system.

The TPWR Blockchain expects to utilize the extended benefits of blockchain technology to optimize the electric charging infrastructure by tailoring features such as:

  • Impenetrable Security
  • An Optimized transaction system with market-low transaction fees and energy expenditure
  • An Incentivization model that rewards participants
  • And a Decentralized ecosystem that allows anyone to run a charging facility.


The Power Coin is a Product of “The Power Solution” Start-up Company from Germany. has envisaged a decentralized and optimized movement that allows anyone with the ability to join. By tailoring blockchain technology to fulfill the incapability and scalability of the heavily governed charging infrastructure, The Power coin yearns to empower users with the right to contribute to the movement. By enabling users with governance over price and facilities, The Power Coin aims to innovate and solve the problems of the ever-growing e-mobility market through their project.