Top Five Hottest Events in the Crypto Industry Last Week

Top Five Hottest Events in the Crypto Industry Last Week

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Here is a brief recap of the top five noteworthy events that took place in the crypto industry recently.

Ethereum Returns to Number Two

The new year has been really good to Ethereum token holders. The coin had a 15 percent price increase on a single trading day. This price jump brought about the addition of about $1.2 billion USD to the coin’s market cap, bringing it back to its long term position as the number two crypto in the world in terms of market cap.

Binance Cut Off

Making good on its promise to cut users of its platform resident in countries on the U.S sanction list, the popular crypto exchange has officially pulled the plug on offering is services to residents and passport holder from these regions. Users from countries such as: in Belarus, Serbia, Myanmar, Bosnia, Iran and Zimbabwe were affected.

Ethereum Classic 51 Percent Attack

Recently, it was reported that the Ethereum Classic Network was under a 51 percent attack. As a result of the attack, double spend of some coins estimated to be about 1.1million was noticed. The Ethereum Classic Network developers have however denied the attack and claim that what is perceived as a double spend on the network is actually the result of a massive mining operation by an ASIC miner-manufacturer.

Ledger Launch Nano X

One of the world’s top ranking crypto hardware wallet manufacturer —Ledger, has recently announced the launch of a Bluetooth enabled hardware wallet called the Ledger Nano X. The device is the successor of the popular Ledger Nano S hardware wallet.

Overstock To Pay Tax with Crypto

Overstock, an Ohio based retail giant has recently made it known that it will be paying some portion of its tax using the state of Ohio crypto focused specialised website— This action will make Overstock the first Major US-based cooperation to pay Tax using crypto.