IOTA Foundation and Crypto Storage AG Partner Up to Offer Storage of MIOTA Tokens in Large Volumes

IOTA Foundation and Crypto Storage AG Partner Up to Offer Storage of MIOTA Tokens in Large Volumes


Recently, an announcement was made by Crypto Storage AG in relation to a recent partnership with the IOTA Foundation targeted at creating the first multi-signature storage solution for large IOTA tokens globally. This solution is perfect for financial agents and other IOTA partners. Through this storage solution, institutional financial investors and beneficiaries are given the assurance that their MIOTA tokens are secured.

Storing MIOTA Tokens in Large Quantities

While giving further explanation on how the partnership will work, the Chief Executive Officer of company, Stijn Vander Straeten said that: “Crypto Storage AG is proud to support the IOTA platform with our top-tier infrastructure, as we see rising demand with our clients and IOTA’s industry partners to enable the IOTA token without compromising on security.”

As a result of this partnership, customers of Crypto Storage AG can now keep a large volume of MIOTA digital assets safely.

Crypto Storage AG which originally handles the storage of up to sixty different digital assets with amenities that meet up with the requirements of institutional customers, will be adding MIOTA to the list of its compatible digital assets.

As regards storing MIOTA in large Quantities, the team at company has stated that: “The Crypto Storage AG offers a proprietary infrastructure solution to manage private keys, both physical and digital, on highest grade hardware security modules with detailed configuration options for individual and role-based access control. The Approval Framework is implemented using hardware Approval Terminals and is independent of the underlying assets. The infrastructure is developed in Switzerland and offers financial intermediaries a tailor-made, secure and flexible solution for securely managing digital assets.”

Crypto Finance AG

Crypto Storage AG is a subsidiary of Crypto Finance AG established in 2017. Crypto Storage AG also renders blockchain related services through its two other subsidiaries; Crypto Broker AG (Brokerage) and Crypto Fund AG (Asset Management).