Four Top Night Clubs in Tokyo Starts to Accept BCH

Four Top Night Clubs in Tokyo Starts to Accept BCH

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According to a recent report, a passionate mediator for BCH has convinced luxury lounge Mezzo and three other popular night clubs in Tokyo to start accepting the virtual currency. The owners revealed that the Japanese clubs (V2, Villa, Mezzo’s food and beverage cafe Ruby, and Ele) will start accepting BCH as a form of payment for drinks service. Presently, Japan is the third most populated region of Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

A Good News for BCH Supporters

Supporters of BCH were delighted to hear the news that one of the mediators of the currency was able to convince four of the hottest nightclubs in Tokyo to start accepting BCH as a form of payment for drinks and amenities.

Japan legalised virtual currency payments in April 2017 and since then, the country has been a safe space for merchants who accept digital money and businesses that establish exchange operations. The country is also the third most dominated region by BCH- accepting retailers. As the time of releasing this publication, there were fifty-seven different merchants in Japan who accept BCH as form of payments.

Akane Yokoo, one of the organisers of Tokyo BCH meeting has been able to convince the owners of Mezzo to extend their BCH acceptance to four other startups ( 3 nightclubs and 1 cafe). Mezzo is a luxury lounge in Tokyo which already accepts BCH as payment for meals, drinks, and services.

While explaining how he was able to convince the owners of these enterprises, Yokoo revealed that the BCH meetups in Tokyo are sometimes held at the Mezzo luxury lounge in Roppongi which is considered one of the hottest bars in Gaien Higashi-Dori. He said that the club uses a wallet to accept BCH, which means that owners were accepting the virtual currency directly rather than immediately selling it to a payment processor for Yen.

Yokoo said that:
“We are really excited to see some of the biggest clubs in Tokyo accepting bitcoin cash payments,” “It would be good for foreign tourists who would like to use bitcoin cash when they come to Tokyo and want to go to nightclubs as well.” he added.