Interview With Creators of Oduwa Coin

Interview With Creators of Oduwa Coin

Oduwa project

One of our highlighted projects recently has been Oduwa – new blockchain project. Here we are publishing interview with the creators of this project.

(CS) Can you give us your project description in a two-three sentence for those who do not know your project yet?

Oduwa Coin is the Nextgen alternative to bitcoin Cryptocurrency. The network which allows anyone to transfer digital cash to family, friends and vendor from anywhere to everywhere around the world with no fees — using Peer to Peer technology to settle all
transactions on its own network with no central authority — popularised by the initiative of the community due energy efficient pos mining platform and the asset protection the block provides to all its users against market volatility.
We are committed to making Oduwa cryptocurrency accessible to everyone worldwide.

(CS) What is the main goal of your project, what is the use of Oduwa coin? Is it OduwaEx exchange or something more?

The project was launched as an enhanced substitute of bitcoin to overcome some other pain point of bitcoin.
OduwaEx is an exchange designed to empower Oduwa community in the future.

(CS) Your short story – how did you come up with an idea of this project? Why one more crypto coin – must be serious reasons behind it.

Oduwa team realize that bitcoin solution was undermining much underserved and unbanked a community around the world.
We decided to be the alternative and cornerstone between the decentralized environment and everyday life. Oduwa coin was born to bring sanity to the crypto market space.
What is the most unique thing about your project if you compare with similar projects that
are in a market? Asset protection against volatility, low-cost energy mining and zero transaction fees to send and received Oduwa and the love for all humanity.

(CS) Give us the main benefits of the project in a few bullet points.

Here are ten reasons why every crypto-currency buyer must have an OWC in his/her wallet.

  1. ODUWA COIN has duo blockchain ecosystem designed to create stability within the network with no central authority, and price depends on demand and supply. However, most currencies do not limit the quantity of their supply. In this regard, the total amount of ODUWA issued is only 21 million. Therefore, OWC supply will decrease in time, and that also explains why OWC value will be higher as compared to its counterparts.
  2. Private Permissioned Blockchain that is feasible, allowing users to get back to the network when the password is lost or forgotten after strong authentication, with the help of an administrator to minimize the risk of losing your wallet completely but restricting unauthorized access.
  3. Open Blockchain support Peer-to-peer technology function focused on making cryptocurrency easy to use. ODUWA is growing into a large, engaging and decentralized community in today’s blockchain space and adding new users every day.
  4. Zero transaction fees, create an account, add and send currency to and from your wallet. Store, send and receive OWC with zero-fees.
  5. In Oduwa, everyone has a voice and the ability to propose boundless projects within the network.
  6. Low-cost energy efficient PoS mining. No-double spending. Secured and Private.
  7. Oduwa coin is the patent process for Oduwa Exchange coming soon. OWC holders can trade Oduwa with no fees on its exchange in the future. With easy liquidation.
  8. NO-inflation. Only 21 Million Coin Worldwide
  9. 100% Volatility Insurance backed cryptocurrency.
  10. Listed in notable exchanges around the world ODUWA COIN is designed to enable financial inclusion, giving the user the opportunity to be a gainer within the short-term acquisition.

(CS) Why do you think that your project will succeed and will be winner in a competition with other projects?

Ability to create a boundless project within the network and the commitment to make Oduwa coin accessible in most regions that are financially underserved and unbanked.

(CS) What is guarantee of the stability of your project in a longer time period? Investors and users of coins are always very careful with choosing a new project to invest in.

Ability to control the market circulation of Oduwa coin and providing asset protection for all Oduwa users. Decent mining rewards with no inflation and peace of mind when storing Oduwa for long term goal.

(CS) How did you meet your team members of the project?

Blockchain Community forum and referrals.

(CS) What future perspective of your project you see in 5 years?

Accelerating financial inclusion and partnership worldwide

(CS) How to start to invest in your project if someone would like to do – what is the correct platform, way?

We are tradable in notable exchange around the world ie. Crex24, Stex,
exrates, p2pb2b, and most info are accessible on our website Oduwacoin.

(CS) What is the right place to get current news and trustable information about your project?

Our Medium profile and Telegram.

CS – Cryptoshib

Interview done on 6th of March 2019