Twitter Accused Of Restricting @Bitcoin Account

Twitter Accused Of Restricting @Bitcoin Account


Based on a recent report, the operator of the Twitter handles @Bitcoin believes that due to its support of Bitcoin Core (BTC) Network (LN), the social media platform has placed some restrictions on the account. This stemmed from earlier complaints from supporters of BTC who even recommended that the account be suspended or be placed under the management of a group of core developers.

@Bitcoin is Critical of BTC Core

The disagreement started because the @Bitcoin account is supporting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network, and the people who prefer Hardcore and advocators of LN are of the belief that the account is illegally impersonating the original Bitcoin. A Twitter user @Moonoverlord recently gave the opinion that the account should be handed over to the group of developers identified as Bitcoin Core.

Moonoverlord tweeted that:

“So embarrassing the Bitcoin handle acts like this,” “Should be given back to the bitcoin core team instead of being used to start petty fights and mislead people,” he added.

However, this is not the first time that the Twitter account will be causing controversy on the social media platform. The Bitcoin account was previously suspended by Twitter in April 2018 for reasons unknown to anyone and while this was good news for some people in the r/ bitcoin community, others believe that it was an immoral move on Twitter’s part.
Jack, the co-founder of Twitter account is a well-known investor in Lightning Network and who has also helped fund a start-up company called Lightning Labs.