The KingsCoin’s Train is Never Slowing Down

The KingsCoin’s Train is Never Slowing Down


KingsCoin has come along way to become a coin with a working community and is getting closer to achieving its goals of serving more purpose than to transact, increase the sociability of cryptocurrency, along with the size of the audience able to use it.

Apart from having an active community on almost all its social platform, the project has been able to list it coin on a popular exchange, integrate enhancing features such as the SuperBlock System, Board of Trustees of True Riches, and Treasury System.

All these features are designed to help protect the project from bad actors as well as ensure its sustainability. Board of Trustees of True Riches, for example, is a group of rich investors who hold a large amount of KGS to control pump and dump by stabilizing the overall coin price. When KGS coins are dumped, the board of trustees readily buys over the coins, so that the coins are held by a board of trustees, instead of letting the coins switch hands to individuals who are not trustworthy or unknown.

This group of investor will help reduce dumping impacts and controls coin inflation. This will further ensure that the coin value is consistently on the rise.

In its bid to prevent pump and dump, the project has also initiated a SuperBlock system that pays out once a month. SuperBlock has an increased difficulty that requires more time to mine control the volume of KingsCoin on exchange platforms, which also helps prevent pump and dump.

Another feature which has been launched by the project is the Treasury System. This system is designed to holds a wallet funded by the network. At the end of every month, 5% of coins mined at each month will be allocated to the Treasury wallet. Project funds to implement plans of expansion work on the basis of a general consensus. Projects proposed, either by KingsCoin team or individual Masternode owner, complete with its budgetary requirements will be viewed and voted with a Yes or No. Each Masternode owner gets one vote. The Treasury fund may also be used to donate to charitable causes and natural disaster needs. A project that obtains the majority vote of approval from our network then gets its fund from the Treasury wallet at the next SuperBlock (in the next month).

Also, the project had started paying translators within its database with KGS coin. In a various merchants trial run in an island in the Pacific, the coin will be used as a bonus point.

Listing on CREX24

The project has also been able to cross a significant milestone of getting listed on a popular exchange— CREX24. The KGS team recently announced that the project has merged with another blockchain based project, Lexium (LEX). The merging process has been completed and a new blockchain has since being launched.

The holders of the LEX coin can easily exchange their coin for KGS coin. This exchange is in a ration of 5:1. Meaning for every five LEX coins swapped, holders will get one KGS coin. This swapping of the coin is carried out using the CREX24 exchange platform.

The team behind KingsCoin is obviously not staying idle. With several milestones getting crossed on a regular basis, it is clear those behind the project are committed to making the project great. For those who decide to hold and stay on for the long run, the chances of getting rewarded greatly are high.