The Tycoon Social Trading Platform is Now Live!

The Tycoon Social Trading Platform is Now Live!


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Paphos, Cyprus / 20th December / The world’s most advanced social trading platform Tycoon is now live. The platform that has already garnered a lot of interest within the crypto community allows easy access and entry to all kinds of traders in an effort to leverage from the booming cryptocurrency market.

The Time is Ripe

Bitcoin is at an all-time high. And this time the bull run is fueled by an institutional rally that has seen many top financial institutions pumping money in the market as a means to hedge their investment risks. All of this coming at the backdrop of a scary year marred by a global pandemic and compounded by an economic downturn.

The interest in alternative forms of wealth, especially digital assets, is also at an all-time high. This has seen thousands of individuals – from complete novices to experienced traditional financial traders – enter the crypto trading ecosystem. To make the ecosystem more robust, it has to provide confidence in the minds of traders that their investments are safe and secure. This can happen if novice traders make handsome profits. This can only happen if they get professional advice to wade through the volatile crypto markets.

Tycoon Allows Easy Entry into Crypto Trading

To help such traders, Tycoon has created the world’s most advanced social trading platform that connects all kinds of traders through a powerful API on the Binance exchange, the world’s largest and most reputed digital assets management platform.

Novice traders can simply follow professional traders and “copy” their trades. When the pro trader makes a profit, so do the novice traders following him or her. The pro trader earns a reputation and attracts more followers and the followers earn while they learn the ropes of successful trading.

“Copy trading on Tycoon means actually copying professional traders that trade real cryptocurrencies on a real exchange.”

The reason for emphasizing the “real” is that nowadays copy trading is mostly offered by CFDs Market Maker Brokers, which means that traders are not trading real assets but rather financial derivatives and most of these brokers profit from trader’s losses without being clear and honest about it. These brokers also hold the traders’ funds at their discretion and determine the pricing on the assets they offer for trading.

What Sets Tycoon Apart?

  • Tycoon Platform doesn’t make money if traders don’t profit. The Tycoon platform has a profit share-based business model and has the customer’s best interest at heart.
  • Tycoon platform doesn’t hold traders’ funds. Tycoon acts as a connector between a follower, a trader, and a cryptocurrency exchange. All funds are traders’ own exchange account.
  • Customers hold total control over what they do. Traders connect using an API key that can grant specific permissions to the platform, for example: read, execute, etc. Traders decide which permissions they give (according to their intentions, being a trader or a follower). Withdrawal permissions are not required, and only the owner can withdraw from their exchange account.

How to get Started as a Tycoon Trader

First of all, users must have a Binance account, then register to Tycoon (here) – a different one than the login used to buy tokens. Log in to the Binance account and find API Management. If a customer doesn’t have any API keys, the system will ask them to create an initial API key. Add API form Binance to the tycoon account.

As a trader, the customer needs to focus on being the best trader they can be at their preferred exchange, something that will rank them high on the leaderboard. 

With passing time and with more profitable trades, a trader will receive a massive following that will push him on the leaderboard. The higher up a trader is on the leaderboard, the better are his chances of attracting more followers and gaining benefits, rewards, and commission. 

Launching the biggest trading competition

On 28th December, Tycoon is launching the world’s most exciting trading competition with a $75,000 prize pool. To participate in the trading competition, traders need to register on the Tycoon social trading platform. After signing up, they need to connect their API key (read-only settings) to their Tycoon trader account and start trading to prove they are the best!

By participating in this competition, traders get the opportunity to be the first traders to connect with the Tycoon platform and gain reputation and a chance to feature on the leaderboard, not to mention a chance to win from the generous prize pool. This will also provide first mover’s advantage to the participants of this trading competition.

Tycoon’s aim is to provide as much education about crypto trading so that traders can arm and empower themselves with high quality and reliable information and use that to trade and earn with confidence.

Join Tycoon to become part of the revolution!

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Company: Tycoon Ltd

Address: 13 Tepelenoiou str. 8010 Paphos, Cyprus

Email: [email protected]


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