Underdog Finance | A New Way of Income Generation and Reward

Underdog Finance | A New Way of Income Generation and Reward

Underdog Finance

Cryptocurrencies are always bringing new ways for the community to earn additional income. Underdog Finance presents an innovative way to earn passive income by giving rewards on every transaction and developing a system to gradually increase the value of the cryptocurrency. The passive income generation rests on the user’s holding capacity of DOG. Moreover, the users can also farm and pair the crypto coin DOG with other cryptocurrencies, wherein more pairs are added for the community.

Hodling is Directly Proportional To Earning

Users engaging with the Underdog community will earn with every transaction. Higher number of transactions translates to higher rewards. In this capacity, 5% of every transaction is sidelined, from which 4% is given to the holders of the currency, and 1% is burned. This ensures that the currency holders are getting more rewards from every transaction.

The burning mechanism ensures that the supply is gradually reduced, thereby increasing the overall value of the coin in the long run. Here too, the users holding a higher number of the currency stand to gain from a relatively higher price. The static burn mechanism developed by the team lets the users earn every day with an opportunity to scale the earnings.

A Money-Making Mechanism For Life

Underdog Finance relies on its users and their ability to trade and transact cryptocurrency. The higher number of transactions means more income generation via rewards sharing and coin burning. After the platform gains traction and starts attracting more users, everyone starts to benefit. However, it also depends on the extent of holding.

When it comes to popularity, Underdog Finance was cruising on the second spot in terms of growth and increase in value for 36 hours.

Underdog Finance is letting the native community help each other grow and earn more rewards. This also gives the platform a decentralized characterization as the users work as a community, and there is no regulatory body deciding the price of the coin. Along with the burning mechanism, the user’s transactions will set the future price of the DOG.

Because the income generation is almost automated on the platform, the users do not need to spend higher fees on yield farms and go through the painstaking tasks. Every user can get access to a higher number of tokens without having to spend time and resources on harvesting.

About the Underdog Finance Coin – DOG

The total supply of the Underdog Finance Coin (DOG) is yet to be known. However, the same has been going down to the tune of 1 to 4 million every passing day. This is because of the burn mechanism. The coin is powered by the BEP-20 blockchain. The platform is working on the Binance Smart Chain, and the development team has plans to airdrop DOG to random 10,000 wallets using other similarly innovation-led platforms.

Daily Rewards Distribution and Contests

Underdog Finance has been generously giving rewards to the users via Airdrop and content rewards. It also has a lucky draw channel that gives a small amount of DOG to the users almost every day. The purpose of these draws is to generate awareness and promote the platform in the community.

The users can also farm their DOG to generate a greater extent of the same. The farming protocol at present is running on Tenet. Tenet is a cross-chain AMM connector working to build connections and provide toolkits for the DeFi community at large.

Pairing Underdog Finance on Tenet

Firstly, for swapping any existing cryptocurrency with DOG, the users can use Pancakeswap for these transactions. Furthermore, via Tenet, the users can pair and swap DOG with BNB. Here, the users will get access to the price of both the cryptocurrencies and can indulge in a swap transaction by visiting the addresses provided.

More pairs are being added to the same system letting a larger cohort of the community come and engage with the platform further. Underdog Finance is already listed on the BSC and Tenet. Plus, it is also available on LiveCoin Watch and CoinMarketCap.

To Sum it Up

Underdog Finance gives the easiest way to the users in terms of generating a higher passive income with the help of the community. Daily transaction rewards coupled with a burn mechanism make everything easier and more streamlined. The users only have to buy more coins and earn with every transaction.