ETNA Now Facilitates Trade, Lend, and Borrow Powered by BSC

ETNA Now Facilitates Trade, Lend, and Borrow Powered by BSC


CLEVELAND, OH / March 20, 2021 / ETNA brings a new way of facilitating a gaming ecosystem leveraging the NFT assets and conventional games onto the blockchain platform. As a DeFi project amalgamating the functions of yield farming and NFTs, Etna now ventures into Lending and borrowing via cryptocurrency networks.

ETNA Lending and Borrowing Functions

The trading platform that also includes lending and borrowing sequences is named ETNA. This dedicated platform runs on the tenets of the Binance Smart Chain and aims to support the adoption of the DeFi technologies. ETNA’s adoption of the DeFi technology is done to deliver customer-centric solutions.

Lending and Borrowing on ETNA is programmed to be simpler and supports a larger extent of use cases. On this platform, the users can secure a loan against NFTs as collateral. So, any NFT owner can provide their NFT to the lenders and get a loan. For users staking the native ETNA tokens as collateral for the loans, no interest rates are charged.

When it comes to the DeFi-oriented aspects of the platform, users can now lend and borrow, transact in the marketplace, and engage in regular contests to earn rewards.

Comprehensive Market-Ready Functions

The marketplace proffered by the platform represents a mix of DEX trading and Broker-Buyer functions which is an improvement from the existing system with a similar approach. The marketplace, which is also called a Hephaestus workshop, works as a comprehensive marketplace.

The Hybrid Marketplace has integrated gateways and can be used to trade products. These multiple gateways will allow the users to transact in different cryptocurrencies. The payment gateways are built in a manner that any user can make payments without owning multiple payment wallets.

ETNA Tokenomics

The total supply of ETNA tokens is 100 million. The entire token supply is divided into various aspects that include staking, the marketplace, presale, liquidity, partnership, development fund, team, and foundational. The team allocation, partnership & development funds, plus the foundational allocation fund, are locked for a fixed period. For the presale, it is scheduled to happen on the 21st of March, 2021.

Utilization of the ETNA Tokens

The ETNA tokens are native to the financial platform. It has four central use cases, which includes Lending transactions, NFT Market transactions, BBT Marketplace, and Game Asset Value.

For the lending transactions, the ETNA tokens can be used to submit the collateral and get interest-free loans. These tokens will be the preferred currency in the NFT market and required to gain its membership.

Since the marketplace works on a hybrid model, the brokers need to become a member for facilitating the transactions. The membership fee has to be paid in ETNA tokens. The last use case of ETNA is with reference to the Game Asset valuation, where the token is used as a store of value for buying the game-related assets.

OxBull’s Role in the Partnership

Oxbull is an incubator helping platforms like ETNA gain awareness, attention, customer base, and market.

About ETNA

ETNA‘s reward-generation features and functions let the users engage with the platform in multiple ways. The users can get a loan based on some collateral from the lenders who are also present on the same platform.

By keeping the ETNA coins as collateral, the users can get interest-free loans and others can get lower-interest loans.

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