VEF Token Now Available In BitsXT, Brise, and Sphynx Exchanges

VEF Token Now Available In BitsXT, Brise, and Sphynx Exchanges


May 10, 2022 – The Vefi community can buy and trade the VEF token on the BitsXT exchange. This adds another possibility of buying a blockchain-first platform token built to provide multiple use cases of the blockchain while keeping in mind the future applications of the technology. Recently, the Vefi token was also launched on Brise and Sphynx exchange, Brisezilla swaps, coinmarketcap and coingecko enabling users to buy the token from these platforms. The Vefi ecosystem has unique and high features CEX, Blockchain (smart contracts), decentralized exchanges, Vefi wallet, Nft marketplace (Nft staking and bridging), Alterverse, CryptoTimes TV, Vefi Pay, and more crypto tools for the benefit of the community. Vefi is an ecosystem working on an individual blockchain to permeate all areas of the globe with a limited token supply and customer-friendly products. 

Driving the Adoption of Blockchain Technology

The birth of Vefi is linked to an African entrepreneur James Emmanuel who wants to bring the high functionality, services and functions of blockchain into the African continent and the globe at large. The mission is to improve the freedom of having money and integrate different institutions, people, groups, and businesses into the blockchain economy. And as well, drive the adoption of blockchain technology through vefi ecosystem which is a Blockchain infrastructure and solutions providing firm building the future of web 3, defi and decentralized economy.

Among its different products and services, the Vefi Blockchain (Vefi smart chain), which is a high-performance blockchain and the primary product, is an EVM-compatible blockchain that has a native consensus algorithm. It has the potential to process a large number of transactions in a split second. 

The Vefi wallet is specially designed for beginners in the crypto industry and  helps new users transition to a crypto-based monetary system. The wallet allows users to store and manage their assets. With amazing multi sender features and many more.

Another product in the Vefi ecosystem is the NFT marketplace that enables users to tokenize their real-life assets, bridge from other chains etc. This includes artworks, publications, movies, and music, which the users can auction for sale. 

The 3Swap Dex a subsidiary which is a cross chain decentralized exchange which enables users to swap 2 tokens for 1, add liquidity with 3 tokens across chains, and a real utility to Nft which serves as liquidity pools representation for lp providers. created to ensure fast and low fee transactions with effective traffic management. With this solution, users can simultaneously switch between three different tokens listed on the Vefi DEX, and that too, with speed. The Vefi exchange is a separate product on the same blockchain, which is a two-fold system having both centralized and decentralized functions. 

The Alterverse is the Vefi’s artistic infrastructure working to bridge the gap between NFT and the community at large. The alterverse will make NFTs more user-centric and integrate with a metaverse compatible wallet that can be used for storing, buying, and managing NFT-based content and assets. A ticketing feature where users can create events and event tickets are stored on the Blockchain as unique tokens. Etc

To Sum Up

Vefi is built to help beginners, and experienced crypto enthusiasts leverage a multi-headed platform powered by a smart blockchain offering different solutions.  Users can transact and trade with the native VEF token and NFTs on the same platform. It also provides a system to help the community work with a centralized and decentralized exchange and help everyone leverage the high potential of the blockchain and its associated technologies. Bringing Blockchain closer to people is their cardinal focus.

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