Vice Network: Providing Decentralized Solutions for Safe and Secure Casino and Sport Betting

Vice Network: Providing Decentralized Solutions for Safe and Secure Casino and Sport Betting

Vice Network

Decentralized blockchain solutions have truly democratized the ways in which the online industry operates. With its key features of offering robust security and transparency, blockchain has significantly enhanced the trust factor associated with online transactions.

The Vice Network aims to leverage this power of blockchain and provide efficient payment solutions for the adult entertainment, casino, and sports betting industries.

The Vice Network is an open-source decentralized blockchain platform that focuses on innovation and advancements in the payment technology for the Adult Entertainment and Casino Industry.

Besides this, the Vice Network also caters to the requirements of the payment for sportsbooks and other white label solutions. To look after all the payments on its blockchain network, the Vice Network has got its native cryptocurrency VN.

Vice Network SportsBook Coming Soon

The Sportsbook beta for the Vice Network is Coming soon. To get access to the Vice Network Sportsbook, you need to login on the discord platform and place some bets on some of the most popular events in the world with your Vice Network.

Once the beta launch goes smooth, the VN developers will take the next step in helping you link your masternode to your sportsbook. By doing so, users can earn a good percentage of the sportsbook’s profits along with their masternode rewards.

For the marketing purpose, the Vice Network aims to conduct bounties on Bitcoin talk along with purchasing the ad spots on several other cryptocurrency websites. Thus, with more visibility, it can push more users to the network.

As per the latest developments, the Vice Network has been currently added on Gentarium (GTM) Share Masternode and hosting service.

Besides, the Vice Network native cryptocurrency VN is also listed and available for trading on the Crex24 exchange.


Thus, if you have ever been looking at legitimate ways for online betting while ensuring absolute transparency and security of your funds and identity, you can also consider being a part of the Vice Network.

Its Sportbook is really a unique way of earning some passive income by hosting your own masternode on the platform.