Vitae: A monetized Social rewards solution

Vitae: A monetized Social rewards solution

Vitae coin

Vitae coin is a unique utility token that facilitates a new Social Rewards Website. The development team had the aim of providing a suitable platform for users to generate income. This income is notably in the form of Vitae tokens which ensure the platform is liquid.

The Social Rewards website is set for launch on December 26, 2018. This actual announcement came at the Blockchain EXPO in North America on 28-29 November 2018. The idea was perhaps to give the website a decent deal of publicity and the said event is a natural fit.

Accordingly, this social rewards website is the backbone of Vitae. With this model, Vitae will hopefully transform this type of service and achieve tremendous growth.

Proof of Stake

Proof of stake mining is now the choice mining mechanism for new coins. In that regard, Vitae is up to date. This is because POS is more efficient than POW and saves on energy. Moreover, the consensus algorithm ensures that a blockchain platform remains scalable and in general functions seamlessly.

Masternodes are the decentralized servers that make a POS system run efficiently. This is because the servers facilitate transactions, provide scalability and generally make a POS network actually decentralized. Besides, Masternodes are an investment channel in their own right. The Masternode collateral is 20 000 VITAE.

How does the website work?

Advertising is big business in the contemporary digital age. In line with that, Vitae is seeking to make a niche for itself in this billion dollar industry. This website will have membership actions and provide advertising. Naturally, the platform will use Vitae token for payment services.

Specifically, there will be actions like “Air-drop marketing” to incentivize users. This model is mutually beneficial because businesses get a greater opportunity to expand their reach while users of the website get rewards for their activity. The website utilizes tools like comprehensive marketing and new age analytics to get the desired results. The advertising purchase revenue is then spread to the website community.

That said, Vitae token is not limited to its own Social Rewards Website. The project also provides an opportunity for other cryptocurrency projects to get integrated. This gives the other projects a chance to grow via the Social website.

Rewards system on the website

As you can deduce from above, the rewards system is the modus operandi for this website. The actual rewards occur in ways such as Masternode and Supernodes whereby you can grow Vitae tokens with staking as well.

Vitae tokens are primarily present to facilitate payments on the website. The payment details are intricate and multi-faceted. You can perform a myriad of actions that are normal in the social aspect of the site and earn rewards in the process. For instance, upgrade payment action can afford you opportunities with Vitae tokens as rewards.

Technical solutions

Operational efficiency is definitely an ever more pressing requirement for cryptocurrency platforms. As a matter of fact, Vitae coin is a fork of the PIVx coin and still utilizes the same technology as PIVx. Some notable details are that the project relies on Blackcoin PoS 2.0 protocol and the Bitcoin core 0.10.x code base. To cap it all, the network of Masternodes and Supernodes guarantee privacy in transactions and decentralized governance.

Notably as well is the rewards distribution mechanism that Vitae coin deploys. The seesaw effect guarantees an equitable system of token rewards distribution. Equally important is the SwiftTX transactions tool that ensures instantaneous transactions without the need for multiple confirmations as would be the case for traditional payment options.

The Zerocoin Protocol ensures that the Masternodes and Supernodes are safe from DDOS attacks. This means that the Vitae blockchain will remain functional even in the event of such a future attack. Moreover, the protocol provides transaction efficiency by eliminating traceability on the blockchain transactions.

At the moment, the project is gearing for the release of the social rewards website as well as a focus on building partnerships. Vitae tokens are available for purchase with a market price of about $1.35 USD as at of the time of writing.


From the aforementioned, Vitae is an excellent project with real-world application and value. The field of monetized advertising may seem crowded but the solutions this project provides are unique. Accordingly, this is a platform any user or investor would be well-served keeping tabs with.