When Podcasts and Money are Served Together: Libertas

When Podcasts and Money are Served Together: Libertas


Libertas has developed a next-gen platform that will not only promote the voice of the masses but also catalyze monetary rewards for the content creator. Libertas has developed a platform whereby users can stream podcasts and audio files without any authority claiming control and rights over the content.

To ensure the decentralization of the content and strengthen privacy, Libertas runs on the Ethereum Blockchain. Plus, it is also a cryptocurrency that will be used to give tips or rewards to the content creators. Libertas’ entire ecosystem rests on the seamless, frictionless, and unhindered distribution of content across the platform without any authority. This will help fight the cancel-culture and the political clout used to censor information from finding its way to the public.

Furthermore, the token support system implemented on the Libertas network ensures that it is run by the community, and the information is spread proactively.

Highly Secure and Decentralized Platform

Libertas begins by first allowing the user to create and edit any sort of podcast or audio stream. The same clip can be uploaded on the Libertas network, and will be accessible to users across the network.

There are no barriers to entry or any gateway fee to upload the content. Libertas is free to use for the content creators. Also, the second type of member (listeners) can reward their favorite content creator with Libertas, which not only encourages them but also helps the content creators build a passive source of income.

All the content uploaded by the users is immutable and decentralized. This means that no user, authority, and even the Libertas development team can take down the content. Once it is uploaded on the platform, it cannot be taken down.

Leveraging from distributed storage of the Ethereum Blockchain, the Libertas content will be fully secured. With this, Libertas ensure that freedom of speech is always protected, and the creators can share their perspectives and beliefs without fear or favor.

The content shared cannot be hacked as the Libertas platform is shielded from the DDoS attacks. Lastly, its presence on the blockchain also ensures 100% uptime. Unlike other platforms that control user content, Libertas and the entire community cannot touch the creator’s data.

No censorship control or moderators are distilling the content before making it public. Every single second of the audio and podcast is available to the community shared by the user.

Rewarding the Content Creators

Libertas facilitates a two-pronged strategy for the benefit of the content creators to earn income from the platform. Under the first model, listeners and followers of the content creator can send rewards via tokens.

These tokens are transparent and available on the public ledger to ensure that the right content creator receives the award. Every content creator will have a wallet with a unique address, and the community can send Libertas tokens directly to the creator’s wallet via the Libertas DAPP.

Therefore, Libertas is not only augmenting and fortifying the basic human right, i.e., freedom of speech, but also helping truth seekers get fair compensation for their efforts.

The second earning model consists of providing exclusive content to the community members by creating a subscription-based model. In this, only the users who have paid for the subscription can get access to the exclusive content.

The team is also developing further revenue models such as unlocking content (pay-wall), and allowing advertisers to sponsor streams – both requiring Libertas.

Libertas will operate like any other content sharing platform, but with better security. Also, content will not be demonetized, de-platformed, banned or deleted. Libertas will become a permanent repository for all the content for eternity, and since it is fully decentralized, nobody can control or stake a claim.

So, this content can be anything from the state secrets to a comedian’s harmless joke that is misinterpreted by the offended parties.

Bypassing the Internet Protocol

The only link between the content shared on the platform, and the centralized world is internet protocol. The community members have to utilize internet protocol regulations and guidelines to allow users to access the blockchain.

But, Libertas is working on building a dedicated protocol that will link the users directly to the Ethereum blockchain and bypass the internet layer control.

Libertas Token

A total of 100 million Libertas tokens are made available. Out of these, 80% are available to the community, while the other 20% resides with the development team for strategy, marketing, and business development.

In a Nutshell

Libertas is an exemplary attempt to help society realize the true meaning of freedom of speech. At present, the platform is working to develop its initial product offering and allowing the users to upload static content.

The roadmap suggests the Libertas will imitate other content sharing platforms and developed with effective UI/UX designing and a completely accessible frontend developed with Ethereum DApp. The roadmap is set to develop a unique and one-of-its-kind ecosystem that fights the obstacles in augmenting the freedom of speech.