AceDBets All Set for A Transformational Upgrade to Serve The Growing Community

AceDBets All Set for A Transformational Upgrade to Serve The Growing Community

Multi-cryptocurrency sportsbook AceDBets is jumping new growth trajectories ever since its inception in 2018.

The platform’s interesting choices of games and state of the art easy-to-use interface makes it one of the favorites for online sports betting. To serve its ever-expanding community, AceDBets is bringing some very interesting updates to the platform.

AcedBets Platform Upgrade and Changes

There’s been a lot of buzz around the updates of AceDBets platform in crypto communities and circles. While there’s no final date released for the platform update, the crypto team is currently in the final phase of testing.

Some of the major improvements coming to the platform with the upcoming updates include:

  • Activation of InPlay Betting
  • Addition of support for DOGE, LTC, ETH, and SBX
  • Automatic settlements of bets
  • Auto withdrawals for AceD
  • Live in-play widgets
  • Chat widgets upgrade
  • Support System With Ticketing

In the newly released document for the AceD community, the team wrote:

“It is a massive update for our platform need to ensure everything is downright and functional before we make the transition. Always room for improvement, the new update has many changes that will improve the user experience. We will continue to make changes, always listening to feedback and suggestions from our community.”

As the AceDBets community continues to expand, the platform plans to introduce a support desk and a knowledge base. However, they now have a support news channel on Discord where the community members can reach out. This would help the newcomers to understand how to use the AceDBets platform. They also plans to add quick support with a ticketing system.

In the future, the AceD team also plans to introduce tracking tools for betting and bankroll management. This will make it easier for users to understand their track record.

Moreover, besides one big update every few months, the AceD team will be releasing updates in stages. In their recent Discord announcement, the AceD team wrote:

“Our team is making strides daily to ensure our next update is bug-free and delivered in a timely manner”.

AceD team

More Developments on AceDBets Platform

Before introducing more games to their sports book, the AceD team is majorly focused on the platform development at this stage. However, team plans to introduce the much-awaited POKER and BlackJack on the platform.

The ERC20 ACED tokens are already available for purchase on the AceDBets platform via the Graviex exchange. Much recently, they were also listed on the WhiteBit Exchange. The announcement from WhiteBit states:

“We are glad to announce that ACED is joining us! AceD (ACED) is an ERC-20 token functioning in the AceDBets ecosystem, a sportsbook delivering top-notch user experience. ACED has a fixed supply of 200 Million units. ACEDis paired against BTC”.

WhiteBit announcement

As a result, users will be able to purchase their ACED tokens against BTC from the platform. This listing will give ACED an exposure to a larger community of crypto enthusiasts trading on WhiteBit. Apart from Graviex and WhiteBit, users can also purchase ACED tokens from the very popular exchange Uniswap.

Much recently, AceD announced the listing of Sports Betting Marketplace (SBX) on the platform. The SBX platform provides a conducive environment for players to thrive in the betting market. As part of the integration, the SBX deposits and withdrawals are also available on the AceDBets platform.

AceDBets platform is majorly focused on changing the dynamics of online gaming and sports betting. The platform has more than 15+ games available. It is extremely easy and fast to start betting on the platform. Users can just go through easy registration, and the account is set.