Find Out Why PENG Coin is the Only Tool Which Can Ensure That Your Donations to Charitable Causes Reaches Those Who Need It

Find Out Why PENG Coin is the Only Tool Which Can Ensure That Your Donations to Charitable Causes Reaches Those Who Need It

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There is a popular saying which goes like this “Givers never lack”. Interestingly, what if what you have given is not used for the right purpose? Do you still get rewarded by the universe? Well, that’s not why we are here.

As a human being, we are naturally drawn to the act of giving out to the needy. For those who don’t have the time to go about looking for those in need of help, Charity organizations were invented.

With the invention of charity organizations, high net-worth individuals and other folks with enough money or material to give out don’t have to worry themselves about meeting the needs of people on a personal level. The charity organization takes care of this for them. The organizations know who need help, all the giver has to do is sign a check or make material donations to the organization.

This sounds simple, straightforward and stress-free for the giver. However, since the items or cash is given has to go through a third party (the charity) before reaching those who are in need, there exist a chance of such cash or item getting lost in transit. There have been reported cases of people kept in charge of a charity organization stealing from the organization. Online organizations, i.e ones you find via social media campaigns generally posse a threat of being an outright scam. This increasing lack of trust and the need for a more transparent way of disbursing funds and items sent to charities has prompted the use of blockchain technology.

Being a technology centered around a “no trust” policy, DLT seems like the perfect solution to the problem of trust amongst charity organizations.

It is as a result of this, PENG Coin, a cryptocurrency that makes charitable transactions more sustainable and cost-effective was created.

The PENG coin

The PENG coin crypto is a coin developed mainly for use by charity organisations for various transactions. The coin utilizes the safety, decentralization, and convenience popular among the best cryptocurrencies, to ensure that donations go directly to actual causes rather than middlemen (the other organisations.)

Unlike most other popular cryptos on the market, PENG Coin offers super-fast transaction speed, low-to-zero fees along with numerous privacy features. The reward-based humanitarian support cryptocurrency was founded in 2018 to give philanthropists a better tool for charitable giving. It also provides charities with a streamlined tool for accepting financial support.

Charitable giving is as old as time, with the development of PENG Coin, charitable giving has caught up with the 21st century. With so many global causes to support, a fast and zero-fee charitable donation platform can become the new standard for supporting global causes.

Technological Make Up

PENG Coin makes use of the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm, which allows it faster block times. The coin also integrates features from the PIVX base code, Dash, and Digibyte. This allows it to have built-in governance, a Masternode network, low-to-zero costs, and fast block times. The Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm is used to incentivize the holder of the coin and masternodes. The coin features a 70-80% block payout reward.

Usefulness of the Coins

The main use of the coin to make donations to global causes. By making it easy for people to donate to causes of their choice as quickly and convenient as possible, the project’s team believes the world is made better. The project teams also made it known that through the creation of a cryptocurrency that benefits humanitarian organizations, they hope to make it easier for anyone to make a positive difference where and when it counts.

Since most donations are done internationally, the cost of transferring the funds sometimes adds up to about 25% of the total donation made. The time taken for the cash donations to reach its destination and get disbursed is another factor that has greatly affected how effective a donation is. The invention of the PENG Coin is about to change this.


With lives at stake, all possible means of getting the required help across must be considered. This makes PENG coin a major invention to the world as a whole and not just the crypto community. With the crypto industry gaining popularity and more people getting involved, and with the right partnership lined up, the PENG coin project the eventual mass adoption of the coin is imminent.