World Crypto Forum (WCF) is on Track to Become the Number One Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Forum

World Crypto Forum (WCF) is on Track to Become the Number One Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Forum

World Crypto Forum

Forums are an online platform where people from different background come together to discuss, ask questions and provide answers to various questions. Generally, forums are usually built around a particular subject matter. This subject matter is what attracts people interested in discussing and learning more about this particular topic to the platform.

When it comes to blockchain technology, there are few forums worth checking out. Most blockchain related forums, follow in the same footsteps of forums dedicated to other niches. On these forums, we have the administration/founder then we have the moderators and finally the members. Just like with any venture, the end goal is always to make money. In the case of online public forums, the owners make the money while the users enjoy the forum.

For those who have invested a lot of time and effort contributing to the forum, this isn’t fair at all. For those familiar with the “Bitcointalk” forum, you will definitely notice the ads placed in strategic places on the forum boards. All these ads are not for free. They are placed there by advertisers for a fee.

In the past, there have been forums which pay people to contribute to it. These forums are popularly known as paid to post forums (PTP forums). The money paid is usually in pennies (less than a cent per post ) this might look fair and welcomed when you compare it to forums which don’t even pay its users at all. In the true sense of things, this forum still pays their users a very small fraction of what they are earning.

In order to ensure fairness and encourage the sense of ownership amongst forum users. An online public forum dedicated to blockchain technology has been launched.

To give a fair chance of ownership to all participating member of the forum and also to ensure that contents on the forum are accurate, safe and secure the World Crypto Forum (WCF) was created.

World Crypto Forum (WCF)

According to the project’s whitepaper, the aim is to develop a platform similar to Bitcointalk with the blockchain as its backbone. This way it’s data security and safety is assured. World Crypto Forum is a project launched to bring all the information for cryptocurrency around the world together. On the forum, you will only find the most accurate, unique and important information relating to the blockchain and cryptocurrency world.

WCF Coin

The WCF Coin is the native coin of the World Crypto Forum and owning it gives you “some right” to the forum and a sense of ownership. The coin will also be used on the forum’s upcoming platforms and projects. The World Crypto Forum (Coin) will be awarded to users for their roles in the development of the forum. Also, WCF Coin can be mined through POS (MN/Staking). And coins obtained from mining can be used for community activities.

Since the forum is a public forum, all general information is publicly available. However, premium information can be provided with fees to people who are classified as first-class, or people who recommend really good information as a community activity. This set of people are referred to as the forum VIPs. Currently, there are two ways to attain a VIP status on the forum. The first one is through contributing to the forum regularly and getting involved in many activities consistently. The second one which is the fastest way to achieve VIP status is to level up using WCF coins. Using WCF coins allows you to level up more quickly, which enhances your access to community information.

It is also very important to note that, the World Crypto Forum is not just for sharing information about cryptocurrency. Ultimately, all the information related to cryptocurrency, investment information and price information will be integrated. Also, various services that can be used with WCF Coin will be provided.

Project Mission

With a mission to beat Bitcointalk and become the number one blockchain and cryptocurrency forum, World Crypto Forum will make sure information found on it are unique (exclusive). Forum users are motivated and given incentives for posting information faster than anywhere else. As a result of the reward given to users for posting unique and exclusive information. The goal of being the number one blockchain and crypto forum is not far fetched.