XChainZ and Blockchain

XChainZ and Blockchain


The present time is ideal for advancing technologies that can help recover from the current pandemic and prepare us for the future. There are many technologies that are revolutionized the way we live in this world. Some of the more prominent ones are Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Nano-technology, Cyber-Security, and many more. Most of these are responsible for the high-grade online security of our personal data and for providing automated services at our doorsteps.

Now, as these technologies gain traction in the market, there is a possibility that we might not have a skilled workforce for supporting them in the future. This will pose a challenge to the people in the IT industry all around the globe. Hence, there is a need to upgrade the skillset of those who seek to develop and grow in a world that is drastically changing.

XChainZ Shaping the Future

Now, to meet the worldwide demand for the development of skills and competencies. XChainZ has taken the initiative and is developing a web-based platform that will prepare technology workers, enthusiasts and others for the future. XChainZ seeks to develop an AI, blockchain-based platform that will help people enhance their technical skills that will be required within the world of work of today and tomorrow. The goal is ambitious, and the team of PhD, MBA, cyber-security professionals, and startup entrepreneurs are ready to go!

What is in the XChainZ platform?

Now, how will XChainZ prepare you for the changing industry needs of the future?

The platform aims to prepare you by providing appropriate training, assessments, and verifiable certifications to cope up with the challenges of the future. The early beta version of the platform includes technologies like the AI algorithm used in computer vision for self-driving cars (Expectation-Maximization via Marginal Maximum Likelihood) for assessments and masternode Blockchain for payments to do so. There are many features of the XChainZ platform that need to be discussed. Let us take a look at some of them.

XchainZ road map 2020

XChainZ Products

There are various products of the XChainZ platform that assist in the management of training and assessments online.

  • XCert

XCert is the flagship product that forms the foundation of the XChainZ platform. It is an educational and workforce network meant for assessments, training, coaching, and the award of verifiable digital credentials.

  • XPay

The XPay network deals with digital payments for products and services, in this case, the online assessments, courses, and coaching. This makes the process faster and more convenient as XCZ can be earned on the platform while also being used for payments.

  • XPose

This is another product from XChainZ that is an application programming interface. It is used for interacting with XPay and XCert for certifying content on the platform.

Add-on Features of the XChainZ platform

These products help in the successful exchange of information and digital assets at a faster pace. Apart from these, there are other features of the XChainZ platform:

  • XCZ token

The XCZ token is the non-native currency of the Stellar network (XLM). The use of the token can be accomplished by students and instructors once logged on the XChainZ platform. Instructors will be rewarded with XCZ for creating courses or assessments, and students will be able to pay for courses, assessments, and coaching in the XCZ token. The token will serve as the one through which smart contracting will take place in the award of course credit and blockchain-based, certificate issuance. Eventually, blockchain-based certifications will be issued using an embedded application on XCZ, Blockcerts, an MIT, open-source software project.

  • Stellar Blockchain Network

This is a non-native Blockchain network of XChainZ where XCZ members can convert XCZ used for staking and masternodes into XCZ tokens, the 1:1 representation of XCZ on Stellar. All the essential information like certificates for training completion, coaching, assessment credentials and payments for services will be registered on the Stellar Blockchain Network. The Stellar network in its partnership with IBM has commercial banks on-board that allow XChainZ to trade directly into other digital currencies using Stellar DEX.

Registration and Learning on XChainZ

Presently, the XChainZ network is dropping 1000 XCZ and 1000 XCZ tokens. So, it is a good time to register yourself on the platform for gaining access to coaching and assessment modules in the future. For registration, go to the official website of XChainZ and register yourself.

For receiving the XCZ token, create a federated ID by clicking on Wallet > Federated ID > Create ID.

The user interface of the Admin and Examinee varies in many aspects. In the Admin ID, you will get various tab options on the top like Overview, Analytics, Search, User’s name, and Logout.

  • You, as an admin, can go to search for checking the recently taken assessment and can analyze them accordingly.
  • You can also register any new examinees through the registration tab.

Apart from this, you can manage your account and also check the analytics on the platform.

On the other hand, if you are an examinee, the user interface changes a bit as compared to the admin. You get options like XPay, XCert, and services. You can go to services to take a look at the various options like Practice, Assessments, Feedback, etc.

  • In the practice section, you can get a quick practice for the assessments on the platform.
  • You can also submit your reviews regarding the assessments or any other issue you are facing with the platform in the feedback section.
  • Lastly, you can take assessments in the assessment section of the platform. You can answer questions and can also take surveys.

This is all about the user interface of the admin and examinee panels.

Final Words

In a nutshell, the XChainZ platform is an excellent initiative to enhance the skillsets of the people for future needs. Moreover, the ingenious features of the platform make it the best and safe place to boost your skills once it is deployed in June 2020. It offers complete transparency about all of its online processes.