XChainz and Industry Leaders Are Driving a Blockchain-Based Digital Learning Revolution

XChainz and Industry Leaders Are Driving a Blockchain-Based Digital Learning Revolution

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Over the last decade, decentralized blockchain technology, also called distributed ledger technology, has been popularized for its tamper-proof and transparent nature. Blockchain has found its applications in multiple industries like finance, supply chain, e-commerce, healthcare, and most recently – education. The education industry has embraced blockchain technology and is making massive inroads in meeting a new set of learning needs. The nature of education has evolved quickly, as skills that are in demand today might not have as much value in the workforce, just a few years down the road.

To keep up with the expected changes in valued skills and capabilities, educational institutions and organizations are investing millions of dollars to keep the workforce capable of the latest trends and market requirements. According to the market research firm, Global Industry Analysts, “…by 2025, the online education industry is expected to grow to the size of $325 billion”.

Several blockchain-based educational platforms have already started leveraging the advantages of distributed ledger technology through the offering of assessment, training, and coaching online services. Online educational platforms like XChainZ are already at the forefront of the revolution and are laying the groundwork for comprehensive online education and credentialing industry breakthroughs.

Benefits of blockchain-based educational platforms

In addition to XChainZ, other blockchain-based educational platforms like Skilljar, KOINON, and Bitszcoin are also promoting blockchain-based online learning platforms. The benefits provided by the partnering of blockchain technology and online learning have created a new level of access, security, and privacy. These benefits include:

  • One of the biggest advantages of using blockchain technology is maintaining student records. Blockchain’s inherent nature as a distributed ledger safeguards all records across multiple computers connected worldwide. Thus, no single individual can tamper with student records or fake them thereby ensuring absolute transparency. As a result, trusted digital certifications can be issued and stored on a blockchain.
  • Institutions that are willing to save digital records require a lot of file storage space. Although cloud-based storage systems are getting popular, they are still connected to a central server and are prone to failure. Blockchain-based storage solutions like Filecoin are playing a key role in providing alternatives to access and security risks inherent to cloud-based storage.
  • Institutions can implement lessons and course structures using blockchain-based smart contracts. A smart contract programming system into the blockchain can help to unlock high-level courses once previous levels are accomplished.
  • The use of blockchain can eliminate several costly, time-intensive, and labor-intensive processes involved in the traditional education system. Thus, it can significantly reduce costs thereby making educational courses affordable and available to larger masses of users worldwide.

Along with the awarding of verifiable digital certificates, XChainZ is one of the leading blockchain-based educational platforms offering blockchain and AI-based assessments, training, coaching. XChainZ aims to cater to the educational needs of students and industry professionals in gaining the in-demand skillsets of the industry. XChainZ has a large base of registered global users, along with a unique loyalty program that rewards its users in its’ own native cryptocurrency XCZ token.

Skilljar learning platform

Similar to XChainZ, Skilljar is another blockchain-based tech firm allowing third-party players to deliver online training courses. As of date, Skilljar hosts hundreds of online instructors across multiple disciplines like finance and programming. Students from across the world can join the platform and select the course of their liking. Skilljar also allows students to pay their fee using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Manera School of Technology

The Manera School of Technology (MST) has partnered with the decentralized KOINON blockchain platform to provide online blockchain courses with an accredited curriculum. MST has secured the necessary licenses from the Zimbabwean government to provide stable payments and savings using the Koinon global cross-border cryptocurrency blockchain. The goal is to make the youth ready for the blockchain revolution while freeing them from the country’s collapsing economy.

There is a fundamental shift occurring within the global workforce, which requires constant learning and acquisition of new skills that are highly valued in the market. These new age platforms leverage technology, data, and automation to provide an online learning experience that equips students and professionals with the skills needed to be highly productive and successful.

There lies a massive opportunity ahead to transform eLearning in the future without compromising on aspects of high-quality education and legitimacy. Blockchain technology helps us to meet the majority of the requirements required for the transition.