YAKUZA – A Decentralized Flexible Organization (DFO) Giving Fund Holders Absolute Control

YAKUZA – A Decentralized Flexible Organization (DFO) Giving Fund Holders Absolute Control


The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market is one of the rapidly evolving sectors within the crypto space. Furthermore, the Yield-farming DeFi tokens have taken the markets by storm with a massive bull run over the last two months.

However, there have been some dishonest actors that have been bringing a bad image to the overall Yield Farming sector. This has resulted in major uncertainty among retail investors.


The YAKUZA DAO is one such cryptocurrency that aims to clean-up the system while giving power back into the hands of people. YKZ is a community-driven decentralized token with yield-farming build atop the DFO platform.

The project adopts this special mechanism called the Decentralized Flexible Organization (DFO) that gives its users the flexibility several functionalities over the period of time and later decide how to use the treasury to generate value.

With the special DFO mechanism in place, the initial goal of YAKUZA will be to gain value on the treasury with the help of a liquidity mining program. The DFO platform will use different monetary policies to acquire highly appreciating assets.

These will be some of the confidence-building measures within the community to ensure growth for the long-term.

Building Trust Among the Stakeholder of YAKUZA DAO

As said earlier, the YAKUZA project aims to give major control of funds in the hands of the holders. Thus, they have issued all of the supply and the Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens to the DFO so that they are controlled only by its holders.

Holders of the YAKUZA DAO (YKZ) token will have absolute control over their investments that can be moved only via its proposal system.

The initial supply of YKZ is pegged at 10,000 tokens. 1.5% of the total supply is locked in the DFOhub wallet and has been reserved for the Generation Fees. Besides, 61.7% of the total supply i.e. 6170 YKZ have been kept aside as governance token locked with the YAKUZA DFO platform.

The holders of YKZ decide the monetary value of the token. These holders ensure that the funds are invested in the best possible way. The aim is to invest in a diverse variety of assets and bounties by improving the capabilities of the DFO platform and thereby secure long-term investments.

The YAKUZA DAO (YKZ) token price can be tracked in real-time over popular platforms like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.