CATX | An Advanced and Future-Ready Decentralized Crypto Platform with Automated Trading

CATX | An Advanced and Future-Ready Decentralized Crypto Platform with Automated Trading


Cat.Trade utilizes the execution and implementation of smart contracts to initiate algorithmic trading propagated by a decentralized oracle structure. The benefit of using the oracle structure which is augmented by the Ethereum blockchain includes a rapid and trusted transaction ability at a lower gas fee.

The Cat.Trade platform is web-based and it allows the user to manage, execute, and monitor the indicators, scripts, bots all from one place. Users can also build their own BOTS and dApps with the Oracle builder that is compatible with the Ethereum blockchain.

Cat.Trade is a wholesome platform that is not only a trading and spot market, but also allows staking, running nodes, and provides a marketplace for the users to sell the strategies. All in all, the users will be working with a complete package of differentiated yet connected automation-ready tools and integrations that will take them towards a more secure, decentralized, and a better future.

Tools and Strategy Building with on Cat.Trade

Cat.Trade gives its users access to a couple of tools to trade and build trading strategies that can be later on sold in the platform’s marketplace. At first, the users will be able to utilize Binance and Kucoin from the platform for spot training in the cryptocurrency.

With the help of algorithms and indicators, the WebCAT (integrated platform) will allow users to automate the transactions of the assets. In other words, the users can automate the buying and selling of assets premised by dedicated algorithms that are executed by smart contracts.

Furthermore, users will benefit from the decentralized platform that hides all the transactions from the public view. Therefore, it has zero order book visibility. To make this possible, Cat.Trade provides another tool, The Dip Bot.

The Dip Bot allows users to set a buy or sell price and when the desired price limit reaches, the transaction is executed. Added to this, Cat.Trade does not block the pre-defined order limit set by the users.

This means that if a user has set the limit of 20 ETH to get $400, then the 20 ETH are blocked as they with other spot trading tools. The user can use the same 20 ETH for other transactions by again setting the conditions for another pair of transactions automatically. This ability to utilize the pseudo-blocked pool for trading makes Cat.Trade truly decentralized and a great tool in the hands of an everyday trader.

Leveraging the CATX Protocol

This project saves the users a ton of gas fee by giving them access to different and unique protocols native to the platform. This is done to ensure the true decentralization of the platform and will function as an alternative to the Ethereum smart contracts.

The Ethereum Smart Contracts are great and a revolutionary cog in the future development of cryptocurrency. But, they involve a high gas fee, which is why Cat.Trade developed its own protocol that will deploy unique actions on the Ethereum blockchain via a second layer.

The benefit of this 2nd layer of the protocol means that users can buy and sell coins at a specific price from the global market without sharing this information with the other users.

When compared to other trading platforms, the process of keeping a check on the market price and trading volume incurs a gas fee. So, every time the market is monitored on the behest of the user, a gas fee is charged on the staked pool. Gradually, the entire pool might deplete in this price gathering exercise.

Cat.Trade has brought a solution to this by allowing the oracles to gather the data, store it, and execute the transaction. However, to protect the user’s investment the oracles cannot execute a transaction without the oracle nodes.

Plus, every bit of information extracted by the oracle networks is stored for algorithmic trading, which can be used for the user’s benefit on centralized and decentralized exchanges.

The oracle nodes will get a reward in the form of CATX (the crypto coin) for the data aggregation and validation.

Tokenomics of Cat.Trade and Oracle Nodes

Cat.Trade enters the market with a 100 million supply of the CATX tokens, and a better product portfolio than the competitors. Out of these 100 million CATX tokens, 70 million are reserved for expansion and 30 million are sent for circulation.

However, the entire pool of 30 million is not up for direct circulation. 50% of this pool, i.e. 15 million will reach to the users via the oracle nodes and 15 million will be supplied by purchase transactions.

Among the Oracle Nodes, 300 nodes will be allowed to run on the network. To acquire one node the user needs to have at least 50,000 CATX. Nodes will function to validate the action on Cat.Trade’s native gas-free blockchain plus, the same nodes will also create an Oracle Order to execute the action.

The nodes are rewarded every day on the basis orders executed after deducting the Ethereum gas fee.


Cat.Trade is a multi-faceted decentralized crypto platform that is going to become a panacea for the present and future enthusiasts. A lot has been planned for the future, like the CopyCat platform, the release of a dedicated web client, voting, and governance mechanisms.

The fact that more than 5000 users have already signed up for the pre-launch and staking programs, proves CATX’s ability to change the bottom line of crypto trading from its core.