YELD Finance – The Yield Farming DeFi Platform With Retirement Yield Facility

YELD Finance – The Yield Farming DeFi Platform With Retirement Yield Facility

YELD Finance

The Yield Farming protocol has taken the DeFi space by storm as a majority of the yield farming tokens have given massive returns over the last two months. Yield-farming or liquidity mining is the process that allows investors to lend their yield farming tokens and earn more cryptocurrency in the form of interest rewards.

The investors who lend their money are called Liquidity Providers (LPs) and the smart contracts that hold these funds are called Liquidity Pools. Thus, the LPs send money to the liquidity pools that power an entire marketplace that supports lending, borrowing or exchange of the tokens.

The borrowers pay certain fees to the platform which is given as a reward to the lenders depending on their share in the liquidity pool. Yield-Framing is thus very similar to the banking process, just that it is completely decentralized.

Taking this promise of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) further is a new yield farming platform dubbed YELD Finance. The YELD Finance platform is a clone of the popular Yearn.Finance.

The specialty about YELD Finance platform is that it rewards the native YELD token holders, even after they have stopped staking their stablecoins. The YELD Finance platform has an exclusive ‘Buy and Burn’ as well as a ‘Retirement Yield’ system that gives it an edge over other yield-farming platforms.

How Does YELD.Finance Differ from Traditional Yield Farming Platforms

Yield farming platforms generally compete with each other and lure investors by offering high Annual Percentage Yield (APY). Traditional yield farming applications reward its users by automatic portfolio rebalancing systems and updating each user’s daily balance to yield the maximum APY.

The YELD.Finance platform goes a step further and rewards users for their YELD token holdings even after they opt out of the staking process. With YELD.Finance, users automatically generate YELD token by staking their stablecoins.

The platform will distribute 100 YELD tokens daily among the yield farmers based on the profits they have created. Besides, the YELD.Finance also uses a special ‘Buy and Burn’ algorithm wherein it splits the daily yield of the users into half to automatically purchase ETH and exchange it for YELD on the Uniswap exchange.

The YELD tokens generated are then burned to create scarcity and boost its value. This helps to fuel the overall wealth of the investors. The traditional supply reducing systems burn tokens to create scarcity and then wait for the market to self-adjust after some token exchanges.

However, the YELD Buy and Burn system updates the price right away as the purchased tokens will straight away balance the ratio on Uniswap. This instantly results in the price increase of the tokens.

Thus, the YELD’s mechanism employs a more real-time price update while delivering an extremely efficient yield economy without the need for any user intervention.

Retirement Yield – YELD’s Gift to the Community

One of the major differentiating factors for YELD is the platform’s ‘Retirement Yield’ feature. This feature ensures that token holders continue to receive rewards even if they are done with their staking process.

Thus, one doesn’t need to keep staking stablecoins in order to earn returns. The users will be rewarded in ETH for the YELD tokens they have generated during their staking period.

Thus, the retirement yield depends entirely on daily holdings during the staking period. This makes YELD a one-of-its-kind yield farming platform that goes way further to serve its community.

The total supply for YELD tokens is pegged at 60,000. Of this, 20,000 YELD will be locked for daily rewards and 30,000 will be available on Uniswap during the time of token sale. All the unsold tokens shall be burnt.

The rest of the YELD tokens will contribute to governance, auditing, development, and other use cases. The price is pegged at 1ETH=40 YELD.