YouClout | First Metaverse 3D Enabled Creator-Friendly Platform with an NFT Marketplace

YouClout | First Metaverse 3D Enabled Creator-Friendly Platform with an NFT Marketplace


Bucharest, Romania $YCT went live on the 6th of October, and the platform observed a smooth and successful IDO launch on different platforms. YouClout is one of the first Metaverse platforms merging with the crypto space, working as a cross-device decentralized platform with an integrated TikTok marketplace. YouClout will let the creators and artists use a single platform to share their content, giving them more time to be creative. The creators can tokenize their creations and use the YouClout marketplace to sell their work. It allows the community to socialize with the influencers.

Next-Gen Platform for Creators and Artists

YouClout aims to address the challenges video creators, influencers, mentors, and other creatives face while helping them create a great personal brand. YouClout is a community-oriented and decentralized platform for content creators. It gives them better monetization options, including access to an NFT marketplace.

With this, the creators can inspire and interact with a loyal viewer base. The Y-Token holders will get exclusive access to the creator’s content. The creators can also hold conferences or online meetings with their fans and followers.

Y-Tokens will be specific to every creator on the platform, and the users owning these tokens will have exclusive access to their creator’s work.

All these features go beyond the ones offered by other social networking platforms. YouClout is based on blockchain technology, making it highly transparent yet secure compared to other similar platforms.

YCT Token and its Uses

The Y-Token is limited to the creators and can only provide viewership rights to the owners. For all the other aspects of the YouClout platform, the YCT Token will be used by the creators to build their brand.

Moreover, the owners of the YCT token will gain rights to access exclusive platform-based features and have to pay lower fees along with enjoying a more intuitive user experience.

YCT token owners will get to purchase NFTs at a 50% discount and also access private conferences. The YCT Token can also be staked on the platform under four different pools.

The users can stake the tokens for four different time periods, including 45 days, 90 days, 180 days, and 360 days. The highest APY from any pool has reached 220% with the scope to gain even more as the market progresses.

YouClout Marketplace

The YouClout NFT marketplace is built on the Cardano blockchain, and it allows the content creators to tokenize their content and sell in the marketplace. This marketplace is special because it is built with a 3D dynamic metaverse.

In this marketplace, the content creators are the sole owners of their NFTs and can quickly monetize them on the platform. To further support the creators’ connection with an interested audience, YouClout uses artificial intelligence and blockchain to promote interaction between the community and content creators.

About YouClout

YouClout offers several innovative solutions to the community and content creators. While helping the creators build an individual brand, they can also promote & sell their content on the marketplace. The Y-Tokens and YCT tokens are available for the dedicated fans and the community, respectively, to interact with the platform in different manners. At the same time, the users can have access to private events; they can also buy NFTs at a discounted price.

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