YUSRA Global: A Superior Blockchain Ecosystem that Meets Real-World Requirements

YUSRA Global: A Superior Blockchain Ecosystem that Meets Real-World Requirements

YUSRA Global

It is not a secret that most of the existing cryptocurrencies have plenty of shortcomings preventing them from being used as the absolute replacement to traditional financial instruments and legacy systems that manage these instruments. However, that is bound to change as blockchain technology is relatively new and continues to evolve through updates to existing protocols and the development of entirely new projects.

One such successful attempt to create a crypto ecosystem is YUSRA Global, a platform built on Waves Blockchain. Powered by its native namesake YUSRA token, it is an entire suite of DeFi tools including a decentralized YUSRA Marketplace trading platform, P2P Exchange, YUSRA Pay merchant solution, and the YUSRA cryptocurrency wallet application.

The next-generation YUSRA cryptocurrency is barely a year old with 11.5 million coins currently in circulation, which has already reached a market capitalization of $22 million. With a growing 10,000 strong community, YUSRA is a global cryptocurrency with an effective economic model that makes it a stable growing investment.

Created by a team of highly skilled developers, the YUSRA network addresses many shortcomings of traditional blockchain infrastructures. The platform is capable of handling as high as 1000 TPS without any delay while increasing blockchain scalability and block generation times which makes it more suitable for integration with various services and IT projects. The open-source YUSRA blockchain benefits from all the security functionalities of the Waves blockchain as well as its own “Reward for Trust” to support a secure network that eliminates outside interference.

Meanwhile, the underlying blockchain itself operates using DPoS consensus protocol with yearly halving intervals. Each halving reduces the rewards by 10%, which in turn will increase YUSRA token value by approximately 11.1%. The rewards structure, staking benefits, strict adherence to the clear roadmap on future developments, and real-world applications of the YUSRA ecosystem has also elicited a great response from crypto investors. YUSRA is already listed on some of the leading exchanges like Crex24, Hotbit, and Coinsbit, with more to be added soon.

Apart from the abovementioned products and services, the YUSRA Ecosystem will also be launching the DOBRO 2.0 social network for users to collaborate, create and share content, interact with each other and organize events for social good, etc. Other services include the SMART Academy online training platform and the Fresh.kavkaz travel portal.

Overall, YUSRA Global is on the verge of creating an entire blockchain-driven ecosystem that caters to various real-world financial, technological, and social requirements of the community in a far more efficient manner than the existing crypto solutions.

Learn more about YUSRA Global at – https://yusra.global/