AllSafe Incentivization Programs Where You Can Earn Passive Income and Enjoy Special Deals

AllSafe Incentivization Programs Where You Can Earn Passive Income and Enjoy Special Deals


AllSafeCoin (ASAFE) is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency project with its blockchain-based on a multi-consensus (MN) and Proof-of-Stake system, allowing coin holders to earn passive income through staking and masternode holdings. 

This way, regardless of financial capacity, users can earn income while simultaneously fortifying the network and ensuring general stability. 

AllSafeCoin blockchain project

Behind its success is a strong team and community that has ensured continuous development. AllSafeCoin draws its inspiration from Bitcoin, Dash, and PIVX blockchain networks. 

Unique Features of AllSafeCoin

The project’s main characteristics include decentralization, near negligible transaction fees, privacy, trustlessness, and instant transaction settlement. Blocks are generated every minute, and rewards are split to masternodes at 60% and stakers, 40%.  

Rewards stand at 1.42 SAFE per block. Masternodes are required to collateralize 15,000 SAFE coins. The use of Proof-of-Stake, with a tinge of a Proof-of-Work architecture based on Scrypt, means that the platform is energy efficient. 

In its early years, the coin’s development was erratic and its co-founder didn’t fulfill his promises.

Eventually, after his second disappearing act, the community decided to take it upon themselves and develop the project, creating from scratch a new website and blockchain explorer. The community also created a fund, before swapping it into a masternode based coin. 

SAFE Market Performance

Through this new architecture, investors and the coin holders at large can at earn passive income thanks in part to increasing utility, and the attractive annual rewards from staking. 

With community participation and continuous development, the network is now more active, reliable, and bigger. Notably, the coin is now more visible. Not only do they have new marketing partners, but the coin is more liquid, available for trading in four different exchanges and 10 markets.

According to data from Coinpaprika, AllSafeCoin (SAFE) has a market capitalization of 24 BTC or $227, 131 with 24-hour trading volumes of $608.95. In the past seven days of trading, the coin is up 25% and 15% against BTC and ETH, respectively. 

Impressive, SAFE bulls have pared losses against the greenback and the coin is trading at near break-even in the last year, down less than 1%. With 15 million SAFE coins hard cap, it is currently trading at $0.025341, up 6% on the last trading day.

For traders willing to capitalize on expected price swings, they can trade the coin from Livecoin, Deliondex, and Graviex where it is paired against several coins including GIO and BTC.

AllSafe Coin listed on Crex24
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Staking and the AllSafe Masternode program

But it is not through trading only that investors can benefit from the project. Aside from the utility of the project, one can earn passive income through staking, masternode holdings, and through an innovative coupon external lottery system. 

To earn from staking, one can download and run the Safe Wallet. Thereafter, staking can be done via third-party pooling service. 

Meanwhile, earning from Master node is available by first setting up and running a Safe Wallet and via a third party masternode hosting and shared masternode services. Different from the rest, setting up and earning passive income through either mode doesn’t require technical knowledge. 

To take part in the AllSafe MN program, an opportunity to invest in the feeless shared nodes and qualify for one by paying 13,500 coins in exchange of 15,000 coins over a 12-month period, one has to:

  1. Deposit 1,250 AllSafe coins in their masternode program.
  2. They’ll put your coins in a shared masternode with other investors.
  3. Earn the full reward share with no fees.
  4. Next month, deposit again, but this time it will be 1,250 coins minus monthly rewards.
  5. Repeat that for 12 months, paying less and less every month.
  6. At the end, you will have 15,000 coins for 13,500 total deposits.

The program was launched in early December 2019 and is sponsored by the AllSafe Foundation which will pay all the fees for the connected Masternodes. 

The project has partnered with several shared masternode service providers including Snode which describes itself as a “masternode solution provider with a wide range of high-quality masternode services including shared, instant, dedicated, trustless hosting”, or at Simple Pos Pool and Simple Masternode which recently listed AllSafe.

Coupon External lottery and AllSafe 1000 Club

The Coupon External lottery system is all about incentivization and bringing benefits to coin holders. 

In this arrangement, for example, investors have a chance of receiving 1,000 SAFE coins in exchange for purchasing 10 coins in advance. 

Buying these coins is a ticket for taking part in a lottery where they can win a grand prize. But there is no limitation of the number of coupons one can buy. 

Besides, investors can also join the “All safe 1000 club”, a private club where they can enjoy exclusive events and giveaways. 

AllSafeCoin 1000 club

To join this exclusive club, one must have at least 1,000 SAFE coins. After that, the qualifying member will have access to a special zone in AllSafe Discord where they have access to several perks including special deals, discounts, and other opportunities.

AllSAfeCoin communication platform