DAPS Coin – What you should know regarding their recent updates (2020)

DAPS Coin – What you should know regarding their recent updates (2020)

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The DAPS community is quickly picking up steam and people in the wider crypto community are starting to take notice. Their mission is to ensure that the faults made by previous seemingly secure cryptocurrencies such as Monero are addressed, allowing for those that use their coin to have no doubt in their mind regarding security. This article will get you up to date on the recent updates that have happened within the year regarding the DAPS project.

Market Cap Increase

A rising market cap is a clear indicator that goes to show how the popularity of DAPS is on the rise. Having come close to almost USD 8 million already recently, clearly the potential and reasoning behind setting up the project is resonating with many involved in the crypto world. Not only have they seen such a significant jump in market cap, but traffic to their site has also seen a significant rise and this is likely to bring in more active community members. While market cap is not the be-all and end-all, it is a clear indication to fellow crypto projects that DAPS means business and is here to stay. Have a look at DAPS Coin stats on CoinGecko.


Monopolies are never in the best interest of anyone else but the company/organization that has the monopoly. Competition is precisely what brings customers the best products and services. It should be encouraging for those that are already part of the DAPS community or considering the leap to being aware of their recent success. Earlier this year they won the accolade of ‘Most Innovative Masternode Project in 2020’ which is one that demonstrates DAPS is striving and achieving the goals that it has set out for itself. Reassuring, indeed. 

Added to Exchanges

As more and more people become aware of DAPS, it is also beginning to catch the attention of better-known exchanges. Touted as the most advanced crypto exchange since 2013, HitBTC, recently welcomed DAPS onto its platform (15th June 2020), you are now able to trade DAPS against BTC on their platform. This is great news for the community and the project, support from the bigger name exchanges is likely to provide a level of social proof for the project, meaning more and more people will be likely to invest. Probit, one of the main exchanges in Korea has also gone live with DAPS as of 15th June 2020. With over 200 trading pairs on their platform, they are an exchange with one of the highest amount of potential pairs to get involved in, a true trader’s delight. The continuing growth of DAPS is making it hard for any exchange not to take them seriously.

PolisPay Integration

Many projects are using the benefits that come from being involved in crypto in different ways. PolisPay aims to help communities grow stronger more organically and authentically. It is of no surprise then that they have decided to collaborate with DAPS, integrating DAPS into their system allowing for payments to be made using DAPS on PolisPay including purchasing of vouchers to be used in exchange for gift cards and real-world items. This collaboration will allow people to further strengthen communities while ensuring they are always secure when making such transactions. 

SecuX Collaboration

Joining forces with SecuX indicates a high level of business acumen from the team involved with taking DAPS forward. If you do not already know, SecuX is also involved with trying to make the crypto world as safe as possible for those that take part in it. It is considered the world’s first crypto hard wallet and payment solution, blazing a trail of its own, innovating the crypto space. It comes as no surprise that they have decided to team up with DAPS, a similar vision is held by both projects, making crypto as safe and secure as possible. This will be DAPS’s first hardware wallet offering available with a global POS (point of sales) option.

Here are some more updates that we think you should know about!

StackOfStake integration – allowing for DAPS to be used on their staking and investment platform. https://officialdapscoin.com/daps-coin-now-available-on-stackofstake/

Trending upwards! Now is the time to get involved, DAPS is moving skywards.  https://twitter.com/TheDaoMaker/status/1265212829101109254 

Fiat pairs – DAPS now has multiple fiat pairs available on Txbit. BTC, ETH, XLR, EUR, USD, BRL, GBP, RUR, UAH, TRY and KZT are all DAPS trading pairs now!

Web wallets – there is talks that web wallets will be available in the foreseeable future, a great innovative leap for the crypto community 


We’ve only just passed the halfway point of the year and have already seen some significant shifts regarding the DAPS project. DAPS will likely continue to grow in popularity, find itself on more exchanges and collaborating with other projects aiming to evolve the crypto world.

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February 18, 2020