BiNech: Bring Safe and Secure Crypto Trading Facility for the Global Community

BiNech: Bring Safe and Secure Crypto Trading Facility for the Global Community


Over the last decade, cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto trading platforms have come a long way in serving investors and traders worldwide. However, with regulatory actions sweeping-in, only legit players have managed to sustain.

London-based BiNech Exchange is one such global cryptocurrency trading platform that supports trading for over 20 cryptocurrencies and serves millions of people across 100+ countries all over the globe.

BiNech Address All The Problems That Crypto Traders/Investors Face In Routine

Over the last many years, some notorious players in the crypto trading services industry have duped investors with millions of dollars. Moreover, many of the exchanges have failed to offer the right customer support in case of regulatory or other trading-related hurdles.

Understanding the issues that crypto traders and investors encounter on a daily basis, BiNech is focused on offering transparent and reliable crypto trading services. It also makes sure that it provides top-grade security for all of its user accounts. The project has employed a robust and high-security mechanism that ensures that users find ultimate peace for trusting their funds with the exchange.

Also, BiNech’s professional support team is here to address any kind of queries and resolves it as per customer satisfaction. Moreover, this is an officially registered crypto trading platform as per the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales. This adds further credibility to BiNech’s existence as a legit player in the market.

Offering a Fully Customizable Dashboard

What makes the BiNech cryptocurrency exchange special is that the platform offers an intuitive, easy-to-use, and comprehensive interface while making it easy for users to navigate through different functions.

The BiNech platform caters to the requirements of new traders as well as offers powerful functions for mature and professional traders. One of its important software features is the modular control panel that offers full customization features.

With a custom layout on BiNech platform, users can configure the dashboard to their individual preferences wherein they quickly get to scan through the most relevant information.

Below are some of the key features of the BiNech crypto exchange:

  • BiNech trading platform has already been proven and tested across 5 crypto exchanges serving millions of users.
  • The platform has attracted investments from big players like Axion Associates, Signum Capital, and others.
  • BiNech crypto exchange can be accessed through the web interface as well as a mobile application with support for multiple languages.
  • The exchange offers a secure connection with other liquidity networks. The BiNech trading interface offers support for multiple coin pairs.
  • Some of the other good features of the BiNech exchange include trading automation, dual interface, liquidity pool, price alerts, fiat integration, and trading tutorials.

BiNech Platform’s Native Token (CNC)

The BiNech cryptocurrency exchange has also got its native cryptocurrency token called the BiNech Token (CNC). The token can be used for trading purposes as well as for paying intermediary fees for different cryptocurrency pairs on the BiNech exchange.

In the future, BiNech token can also be a good source of instant liquidity for reputed traders on the platform in order to execute their orders quickly. The tokenomics for the project goes as follows:

  • Token Name: CNC Token
  • Total CNC Supply: 300 Million Tokens
  • Token Type: ERC20

Since the CNC token is based on Ethereum’s ERC20 protocol, it can be easily swapped with other ERC20 tokens which give it a wider market reach.

Roadmap and Future Plans

The launch for the BiNech Cryptocurrency Exchange will happen in three major phases:

  • Phase 1: The phase involves community building, developing trust, and spread the word in the global community. This will drive the price of BiNech token (CNC) from $0.03 up to $3.
  • Phase 2: By Q2 2021, the exchange aims to complete the testing for its native BiNech token (CNC) and put it on the floor. During this phase, the token (CNC) price can be between $3 to $9.
  • Phase 3: By Q3 2021, there will be a full-fledged launch of the BiNech exchange. The complete launch will help CNC price to go anywhere between $9 to $20.

Apart from being just a trading platform, the project is also working towards offering support to other blockchain startups across sectors like networking, advisory services, crowdfunding, and other incubation platforms.