Project Coreto | One Platform For Everyone and Everything About Cryptocurrency Projects

Project Coreto | One Platform For Everyone and Everything About Cryptocurrency Projects


Day by day, the blockchain projects are getting more sophisticated and targeting the major pain points faced by people. This makes everything a bit competitive, which ultimately benefits the user. This also exposes users to lack of information, uninformed decision making, lack of trust, and potential losses.

Coreto aims to fill these gaps and deliver authentic and research-backed content to its members. Not only the investors, but Coreto serves to deliver the required information to the influencers, investors, and project developers. A platform where every blockchain enthusiast can come, learn, grow, and implement with correct information.

Coreto has implemented several smart, and judicious elements like Rumor Validation, Fake news filters, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence backed analysis, gamification, mentoring sessions, and DeFi.

Investors, Influencers, and Blockchain Project Guide

For the investors, it provides access to authentic information that is backed by the influencers who are accredited by trust and accountability. This trust is gathered from the activities and the ability to provide authentic information about the projects and related information.

Coreto aims to remove the extra time users waste for researching a project. Coreto validates everything about the project that an investor needs to understand and helps make informed decisions. Due to this approach, investors will earn more financial literacy and get access to reviews, predictions, trends, and analysis plus mentoring sessions (if required) from experts and influencers.

For the influencers, Coreto provides a single tier platform to share the information and acquire more followers. If not for Coreto, the influencers have to address the audience on various social media channels. Here, it is easier to share the reviews, analysis, and trends while getting more attention, recognition, and building an individual reputation.

The traders and influencers have a unified platform to build their profile and trust. The past performance in terms of trading and investment activity combined with the follower’s feedback helps create a trust meter.

Lastly, the project teams looking to get more information about the industry and its scope can leverage Coreto’s Trust-backed information. The teams can understand the costs and acquire legible feedback from experienced and unbiased users on Coreto. Plus, it will also become easier to connect with like-minded people and advisors. The advisors are also verified and obtain user-generated reviews and ratings.

Everything on Coreto is validated. The cross-check system allows the users to rate projects and influencers, the influencers, to train users and help projects. The projects to approach investors and onboard influencers are made more accessible and more direct.

Bringing Trust to the Blockchain Communities

TRUST is the key ingredient of Coreto. It not only helps create Trust but also allows validating, growing, and nurturing a sense of satisfaction across the platform. The CEO and Co-founder of Coreto, Iustina Faraon, exclaims that “Coreto will be a game-changer in terms of educating the retail investors about cryptocurrency trading.”

The ultimate realization of trust and accountability is achieved on Coreto by giving the role-specific opportunity to the members. Trust is built when the users provide feedback to the influencers based on the quality and end-result of the content offered.

It’s also built with the help of COR tokens present in the user’s wallet. However, the COR tokens can be bought, and also the users can send rewards/tips, but in the end, users will pay with COR to get access to the subscipton based content created as such by a specific influencer/trader.

The trust meter of a project listed on Coreto is gained by their constant analysis with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The dual implementation of these smart technologies helps generate authentic trend reports and analysis. Furthermore, Coreto leverages the use of its main feature, Stacking of Opinion Pool (SOOP) to assess a project’s credibility and popularity.

With this information, the investors and the influencers will stand to gain. Making investment choices becomes more streamlined, and curating detailed reviews becomes streamlined.

Multipurpose Coreto Token

The tokenization of the platform’s resources, allows the investors, influencers, and project teams to gain access to better and more detailed content.

The COR Tokens is a reputation-based currency running on the guidelines of an ERC20 utility token. It can be used for staking and gain access to full-scale services. The investors can pay the influencers for their subscription-based content with COR tokens or lend them to other users. The tokens are required to comment, upvote, get premium content, and bid for one to one mentoring sessions.

The influencers can leverage the power of COR Tokens to gain more popularity, promote content, and staking. Lastly, the project teams can build official entry pages on Coreto and gain access to project-specific services.

To Sum it Up

Coreto is going to become a one-stop solution for the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. By covering every aspect of understanding and promoting a project, Coreto can become an unlimited global resource of knowledge and Trust possible for a wide range of projects.

Coreto has been welcomed by the community with open arms. This is portrayed by the fact that out of the 3 long term staking pools that were opened, two have been filled in less than 2 hours and the third in just under 2 minutes. With this overwhelmingly positive response, and since Coreto is orientated towards the needs of its community, the team is now considering opening additional staking pools to address this increasing demand.