Bitcoin Rhodium – Bridging the Gap Between Decentralized Cryptocurrency Market and Traditional Marketplaces

Bitcoin Rhodium – Bridging the Gap Between Decentralized Cryptocurrency Market and Traditional Marketplaces

Although the advent of digital currencies has challenged the traditional financial market in several aspects, the truth is they latter holds a contribution to the global economy. So instead of pitching one against the other and going for complete domination, experts are willing to acknowledge the inherent strengths of both markets – crypto and traditional finance – and willing to work out a solution on it.

Bitcoin Rhodium is one such experiment that aims to bring the two worlds of crypto and traditional finance together. Although from the name it might sound as a Bitcoin derivative, Bitcoin Rodium (XRC) is not forked from the Bitcoin blockchain.

Launched in October 2018, Bitcoin Rhodium (XRC) uses its own blockchain network with a goal of becoming a store-of-value cryptocurrency. The total supply of XRC token is fixed at 2.1 million XRC by its founders and developers. The unique feature of the Bitcoin Rhodium blockchain network is its Strong Hands Program.

Strong Hands Program

The Bitcoin Rhodium Strong Hands Program aims to incentivize long-term investors by rewarding them in a timely manner over a period of 8 years. This program allows XRC holders to get a share of unclaimed airdrop XRC tokens.

Through the Strong Hands Programme, Bitcoin Rhodium (XRC) investors receive quarterly returns. Every three months, investors are airdropped 16,072 XRC token distributed in the form of rewards. Each of the XRC investors receives between 0.5-30% of their holdings every year.

To enroll in this program, no extra registration is required. All the Bitcoin Rhodium holders can participate as their wallet addresses will get included automatically. At the beginning and the end of every quarterly cycle, an automatic snapshot of the user balances will be taken.

To be eligible for the SHP program for the next three months, the next snapshot will be taken on Wednesday, January 8. All those addresses which have successfully managed to avoid any negative balance movement automatically receive the rewards.

XRC’s Use In Decentralized Precious Metals Marketplace Like FreeMarket.One

The physical commodities and metals market has always operated in a close-knit environment. Now, a decentralized application dubbed as the is working on decentralizing the precious metals markets with an efficient matching of suppliers’ buyers. has assured that it will be using Bitcoin Rhodium (XRC) to bridge the gap between the newly emerging cryptocurrency market and the traditional markets.

It adds that its blockchain-driven decentralized marketplace can democratize the process of moving precious metals by finding the right mix of buyers and sellers while simultaneously achieving a cryptocurrency-enabled market equilibrium.

As per FreeMarket.One, the “convergence between precious metals and crypto investment also supports greater adoption and usability of digital assets and expands the market for precious metals traders”.