Bitrise Has Hit $65m Marketcap From $2m, Bitrise the Next Safemoon or Shiba Inu? Over 600k Reward Paid To Token Holders, Making One Of The Fastest Growing Payment Network Tokens Today

Bitrise Has Hit $65m Marketcap From $2m, Bitrise the Next Safemoon or Shiba Inu? Over 600k Reward Paid To Token Holders, Making One Of The Fastest Growing Payment Network Tokens Today


Oct 19, 2021 — Bitrise has hit a $65m market cap from $2m just the other day. This is a huge growth and indicates that investors are embracing the product provided by the team behind this incredible decentralized project. Over $600k worth of BNB had been paid to investors at the time of writing this article.

Bitrise stormed the market on the promise of providing a more efficient, safer, and affordable peer-to-peer financial transaction platform, among many other benefits. But what sets this DeFi platform apart from the competition in terms of investor attraction is the promising ROI. Who won’t be interested in a token that has a mechanism to grow its price and also earn a handsome passive income? That’s the kind of token that everyone is looking for!

As a hyper-deflationary payment network token, the volume of tokens in circulation is reduced with every transaction. The phenomenon creates scarcity, which automatically causes growth in token demand and drives the price up.

Buyback is a trending token mechanism that most new blockchain-based projects are using, but Bitrise is executing it better. The platform has an automated Buyback process and a regular burning system for price enhancement.

In every transaction, 5% Buyback tax is collected and stored in the contract. The Buyback contract automatically buys tokens from the liquidity pool using the tax. That’s how tokens in circulation reduce automatically.

On the investors’ rewards, 4 percent tax is collected from every sale, and it’s distributed to all investors in BNB. The tokens are automatically transferred to the investors’ accounts, which removes the need to claim the same without fail. Reward payment is made every 60 minutes.

But there are more promising developments making the Bitrise project popular in the market. Have you looked at their whitepaper and the roadmap? The whole project will be a game-changer in the financial industry. In fact, at a market cap of $65m, the platform is still in its formation stages. A look at the roadmap shows that the team is midway through the journey but still in line with the set pace.

At the time of writing, the team had just developed the Bitrise dApp Wallet, which will be a game-changer. The dApp Wallet is a multi-coin wallet that allows users to safely send, receive, store, and swap various crypto coins. The user will be able to trade thousands of coins with a lot of ease. You need to check out the user interface of the dApp, and will be impressed by how intuitive it is.

The safety and security features of the wallet are some of the best you can find in the market. The Bitrise dApp Wallet comes with a secure access key to keep your coins safe from unauthorized parties. The safety of your investment is assured from hackers prying eyes. It will be one of the most trusted wallets not only because of its security features but also application versatility.

Already, the team has developed Beta 1 dApp wallet, and a Beta 2 version is the latest release. Though not available on Playstore and Apple store, the team has applied for listing. So expect to find them to publish it on these platforms very soon.

Bitrise platform is also offering free audit services, which is another promising development. The company has already launched the much-anticipated Bitrise Audit, which provides a free advanced blockchain audit solution. The platform will be providing audits to DeFi spaces on the Ethereum Network, Tron Network, and Binance Smart Chain. This means all BEP20 Tokens, ERC20 Tokens, and TRC20 Tokens will be supported.

According to the Bitrise platform, staking program, exchange, and blockchain are the next programs. Immediately the ‘Blockchain Phase,’ which is the last phase, is complete, Bitrise will definitely be one of the most successful and profitable DeFi projects.

Investing in Bitrise is the best decision you can make today. The project has all the indications of success in the future. The team comprises reputable members who previously participated in building some of the biggest and successful blockchain projects. There is still a chunk of liquidity tokens available for new and current investors. Go ahead and invest in the $BRISE token and start enjoying rewards instantly.

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