DOUGH – All-Acess Interactive Launchpad with a Unique In-built Tokenomics System

DOUGH – All-Acess Interactive Launchpad with a Unique In-built Tokenomics System


AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS / October 14, 2021 / Primarily working as a launchpad, DOUGH includes real-time price movement and a reward-switching mechanism. The platform is built with unique tokenomics and a safer system, which will be used to generate external revenue and work as a launchpad helping the users to build tokens.

Recently DOUGH got listed on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap.

DOUGH has been audited by InterFi and features several functions, including liquidity lock, marketplace, etc. The DoughSwap will include the concept of dual farming and cross-chain token creation, as well as swapping.

DOUGH Launchpad

DOUGH lets users build customized tokens with safety and full security. Even though users or developers can create tokens, they will have to follow rules and platform-based restrictions that prevent honeypots and rugs.

As the DOUGH launchpad has an ICO platform, this will give the investors first access to newly launched tokens. The users launching their projects with the DOUGH do not need to possess extensive development knowledge due to the intuitive UI/UX.

The security mechanisms set in the system check the created contracts and audits them. The projects are automatically created and shared with users. DOUGH holders will get early access and a reduced fee to participate in the ICOs.

Lastly, the project creators must share a small fee for every transaction completed on their project with DOUGH. This will provide funds for further development of the DOUGH ecosystem and provides a revenue share for their investors.

DOUGH’s Tokenomics

DOUGH has a unique token system that switches the rewards shared with users according to the price movement. This is done by an integrated mechanism that monitors the number of tokens bought and sold on DOUGH.

The rewards paid to the users and investors are dynamically adjusted to control the selling pressure preventing it from getting too high. In case of excessive buy pressure, the contract system will switch to CAKE rewards, and in case of higher sell pressure, it will switch to DOUGH rewards.

This is done to ensure a healthy chart and takes away risks for investors while providing a passive income and staking benefits to DOUGH holders.


DOUGH is a pseudo-automated crypto project based on a popular blockchain allowing users to build and launch their token systems. Besides being a launchpad, the platform also has its own unique tokenomics system and a systematic direction to generate passive income for the investors and holders. Going forward, the DOUGH platform will be added with cross-chain applications giving developers and investors access to different chains for launching projects.

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