Why We Think Blockseek Blockchain Explorer Hosting Platform The Best Thing On The Market Right Now

Why We Think Blockseek Blockchain Explorer Hosting Platform The Best Thing On The Market Right Now

Blockseek hosting platform

If you have ever made a coin/token transfer on the blockchain, by now you should be used to getting a URL which leads to a webpage where you can track the number of confirmations your transaction has gotten. This link and the webpage is known as the Block Explorer.

What is Block Explorer?

A Blockchain Explorer is an online blockchain browser that provides users with a human-readable way to view transaction histories and balances of addresses. The explorer also displays the contents of individual blocks and transactions.

In a Blockchain Explorer, each object is usually displayed in a human-readable form on the webpage. Importantly, users can switch from seeing one piece of data to a related one, with a single click through the use of hyperlinks.

So in case, a user clicks on the hash of an object, such users will be transferred to a page with all the data concerning this info. As such, users can easily switch from looking at a transaction to looking at the previous transaction which gave this transaction its inputs.

Features of the BLOCKSEEK Platform

The active development going on in the blockchain space has led to the introduction of several blockchain explorer platforms, but as expected, only a few of them provide the needed information. For those that give the needed information, their user interface tends to be quite complicated.

This is why hosting on the Blockchain Explorer hosting platform—BLOCKSEEK could be the best decision any blockchain project team will be making.

Apart from providing more depth information about a block such as the Peer list, Rich list, and Masternode list, Blockseek also boasts of an excellent user-friendly interface and offers more depth information V blockchain and has more unique features like mentioned below.

Apart from this, the users of the Blockseek explorer will be able to enjoy the following features:

  • Support for 103 languages to browse the website in your native language.
  • Checking transaction and balance values with 55 Supported FIAT currencies.
  • Checking 24-hour statistics like Number of Blocks generated, Number of transactions, Average block generation time, TPS calculation, Average transaction fees, and more info.
  • Navigate to all blocks from block Zero to the current block height.
  • Page navigation supported on both places of top and bottom, which makes it easy to navigate without scrolling the page.
  • A mobile-friendly user interface for those who use mobile without compromising any details.
  • Blockseek supports dark and light theme mode, where users can stay on the website for a long time without eye strain.
  • Tracking the source transaction of input and output through is done easily using a SPENT TO and SPENT FROM button
  • Search box for transaction input and output to search address from the long address list.
  • We provide good API options to fetch details about any coin supported in Blockseek, which is free to use.
  • Users will also be able to see up confirmation alerts. This works by sending a notification email upon meeting a number of confirmation set by the users. So instead of having to wait around for your transactions to meet the required number of confirmation, you get notified via email.

Importantly, BLOCKSEEK offers a payment system where community users no need to rely on founders to keep the explorer running. Anyone can make payment to list new coins through public funding or extend the hosting duration of any crypto coin by sending payment to the public deposit address.

To list, a public-funded payment of $500 is need. Only two payment options are supported on the platform—BTC and EXO.

Importantly, when users make payment for hosting or new listing with EXO they get a 10% bonus.

All these features make BLOCKSEEK unique compared to other hosting platforms.

To mark the platform crossing one year of operation, the Exosis platform will be going live on the 21st of October 2019. Furthermore, features such as a new chart for different coins, fees, inputs, outputs, no tx, tx size for 1000 blocks will be integrated. Also, blocks will be displayed in 1000 / page and the chart info will change based on the page info.